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Re: Applying Application Patches - Help needed

From: John Barron <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:53:31 -0700
Message-Id: <>

Hi John

What version of Apps are you running is it 10.7 or 11? There are differences in the way you apply patches. As a quick guide download the patch to a unix directory and untar it. It will make a subdirectory with some patch drivers in it and a readme file. Read the readme file to see which drivers to run with the patch program.

For 10.7
In the directory APPL_TOP/install/log is where patch logs will be placed. goto this dir and run $AD_TOP/bin/adpatch.

It will prompt you for passwords etc so you will need SYSTEM and apps pwd. It will ask you several other questions most of wich you can accept the default, unless someone has run a previous patch and aborted it. Then you need to overwrite the previous patch session logs but its unlikely you will get this.

It will then ask you the patch directory where you untarred the patch and the patch driver which you enter. Then accept the next defaults like number of processes to run etc.

And off you go. Check the logs after for errors. If you do get errors thats where the fun starts. Also check out the manual Applications System Administration and make sure you test out the patch process on a test system first so you can sort any problems out.

For 11
The main difference is applying the drivers in the correct order so you may have to run adpatch three times or twice on the backend db server and twice on the middle tier forms server, so its a little bit more tricky.


John Barron

At 09:57 AM 7/17/00 -0800, John Dailey wrote:
>Hi all, I have searched Metalink for about an hour now and have been
>unsuccessful in finding any instructions on applying application patches. I
>have not done this before, but am anxious to learn. The DBA job here kind
>of got dumped in my lap; most of my experience comes on DB2. Could anybody
>point me to a good step-by-step or other how-to on applying application
>patches? I'm trying to apply Patch Set G for Oracle Fixed Assets 10.7. We
>are on / HP-UX 11.
>Thanks to any and all for your help. The tips I have picked up here have
>saved me more than once. Also, please don't hold my M$ certification
>against me; I'm really not that bad of a guy! =) (The devil made me take
>the tests)
>Thanks again for any help.
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