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Re: Applying Application Patches - Help needed

From: Jeffrey Beckstrom <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:25:24 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Most server side patches have a corresponding client side patch so check = for them.

Watch for pre-reqs.

>>> "Michael S. Siebert" <> 7/17/00 3:47:32 PM =


The adpatch utility is used to apply patches for the Oracle Applications. = You
will need to know the passwords to the SYSTEM, APPS, and APPLSYS schemas. = I
would advise you to read the readme.txt file supplied for the patch as it usually contains information regarding the order in which to apply the = patch
drivers, and other prerequisite patches (this is very important!!). It = sounds
like you are applying a mega patch, so make sure you test in development = first
as there is no backout ability. Make sure users are not using the system, = and
that the concurrent managers have been shut down. If you are NCA, I'd = also
recommend shutting down the web listeners and forms listener as well.

Generally, patches consist of several patch drivers: c<patch#>.drv, d<patch#>.drv, and g<patch#>.drv where the 'c' driver copies files from = the
patch directory to the APPL_TOP, the 'd' driver runs database scripts, and = the
'g' driver generates forms and reports files.

I'd recommend checking for and compiling any invalid DB objects after = applying a
patch set. Run compile APPS schema from the Maintain Database Objects = Menu in

Searching MetaLink for 'adpatch' will probably return too many hits. The documentation on adpatch and the other applications utilities can be found = in
the system administrator manual for the applications.

Michael Siebert
Solutions Consulting, LLC.

John Dailey wrote:

> Hi all, I have searched Metalink for about an hour now and have been
> unsuccessful in finding any instructions on applying application =
patches. I
> have not done this before, but am anxious to learn. The DBA job here =
> of got dumped in my lap; most of my experience comes on DB2. Could =
> point me to a good step-by-step or other how-to on applying application
> patches? I'm trying to apply Patch Set G for Oracle Fixed Assets 10.7. =
> are on / HP-UX 11.
> Thanks to any and all for your help. The tips I have picked up here =
> saved me more than once. Also, please don't hold my M$ certification
> against me; I'm really not that bad of a guy! =3D) (The devil made =
me take
> the tests)
> Thanks again for any help.
> John Dailey, MCSE/MCP+I
> Consultant
> Concept Solutions, LLC
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