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Re: SQLDBA, Monitor, and OEM

From: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 16:53:01 +0000
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Glen, sqldba was replaced by svrmgrl in 7.1

      sqlplus will officially replace svrmgrl in 8.2. Right now you can use both in 8.1. Connect internal will also go away in version 8.2.
There hasn't been a monitor built into the svrmgrl this was only a sqldba function. There was a motif version of svrmgrm and it had a monitor functions until version 8. Then the motif version was discontinued. OEM has monitors but is part if the Diagnostics Pack(?). This is an option, which means you have to pay an additional licensing fee for the Monitors. This has been true for quite some time now(1.x,2.x). There is some free monitoring you can get with NT using the NT monitor tool, but I do not believe this is available on UNIX. I also believe WEBDB has some monitor funtions but it has been awhile since I used WEBDB and I don't remember if WEBDB has to bought or if it is free.

There is no longer any character based versions of monitors.

> Please clarify;
> The old sqldba utility was replaced by svrmgr. (v8)
> svrmgr is being replaced by sqlplus. (v8.1.?)
> The monitor command in sqldba is no longer available. (v8)
> Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) replaced monitor. (v8), but not included on
> cd until 8.1.6.
> Is that correct?
> Is there an equivalent utility like monitor in v8? It seems OEM is such a
> big, burly and full product. And from the messages on this list, a little
> cumbersome to install and use. Monitor was short and sweet and built in. I
> know we gained alot with OEM, but it came with baggage for the simple shop.
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