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RE: Database Management Tools

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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 9:20:58 +0100
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<shameless plug>

Have you taken a look at Bradmark's tools? All of the functions you are=20= asking for in this mail are in the DBA Module, which is a part of the=20= DBGeneral product family=2E What kind of repository is that you are looking=20= for? We can store anything, from a repository of SQL, capicity planning data,=20= through to performance metrics, like transaction times, and even go as far as=20= to repository what we call a UDC (User Defined Collection) which sits in=20= background collecting anything that you can return a delta with through SQL=2E=2E

Take a look at www=2Ebradmark=2Ecom and get back to me if you like what you see=2E= =20=
In terms of scalability, our architecture is highly scalable and reliable,=20= and I can give you reference sites at your request=2E=20=

</shameless plug>

Sorry guy's, but I couldn't resist, must be the salesman in me:)


Mark Leith
Bradmark UK Ltd
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Subject:	Database Management Tools

I am involved in a project to identify and recommend enterprise wide tools for database management=2E We have looked at tools like DBArtisan and found them to have a really comfortable look and feel but lacking the scalability for a multi-state, cross platform database environment=2E At=20= this point the major contenders are BMC and Oracle's OEM=2E We are looking for the basics first: change management, account management, space management, capacity planning, database reorganization=2E Better if it is web enabled and uses a repository or central file system=2E

Does anyone have any experience/recommendation for database management tools in a large environment?

Pete Barnett
Database Administrator
The Regence Group
-- Author: Peter Barnett
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