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RE: Database Weirdness........

From: Sandeep Kurliye <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 08:46:26 +0300
Message-Id: <>


We encountered some what similar kind of problem on our production server. And we found that cursors were not getting closed by our applications.

So we set closed_cached_open_cursor parameter in init.ora to TRUE. Here the only problem is re-parsing the statement, as cursor will be closed on commit;

And problem got solved.

It is oracle 7.3.4 on NT.

HTH, Sandeep.

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	From:	Steven Monaghan []
	Sent:	Wednesday, June 28, 2000 11:49 PM
	To:	Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
	Subject:	Database Weirdness........

	We are running Oracle 7.3.2 on AIX with a 18G database and about

	We have had a situation over the last few days which has me
	perplexed.  The db machine slows to a crawl for about one hour.  sar
	70% sys, ps takes about 5 minutes to return, connections are
extremely slow,
	no single process is dominating resources that we can see, you get
the idea.
	Then, the load "disappears" and things are back to normal.

	It has happened for the last 3 days without any explanation!

	I ran bstat before today's episode and estat after it was over
	attached.  The only item that jumped out at my fellow dba's and I
was the
	following portion about smon and pmon timers:

----- cut -----
SVRMGR> Rem System wide wait events for background processes (PMON, SMON, etc) SVRMGR> select n1.event "Event Name", 2> n1.event_count "Count", 3> n1.time_waited "Total Time", 4> round(n1.time_waited/n1.event_count, 2) "Avg Time" 5> from stats$bck_event n1 6> where n1.event_count > 0 7> order by n1.time_waited desc; Event Name Count Total Time Avg Time
-------------------------------- ------------- -------------
------------- rdbms ipc message 67207 4608180 68.57 smon timer 88 999914 11362.66 pmon timer 4196 997581 237.75 db file parallel write 43301 485572 11.21
----- cut -----
Can anyone offer a suggestion on what to check? It happened at 2pm Monday, 12pm Tuesday and 10am today. I cannot find any jobs running on the machine or against the database at those intervals, and I'm really starting to feel helpless. TIA for listening and all replies are greatly appreciated. Steve Monaghan -- Author: Steven Monaghan INET: Fat City Network Services -- (858) 538-5051 FAX: (858) 538-5051 San Diego, California -- Public Internet access / Mailing Lists
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