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Re:Tablespace storage/can disk fill?

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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:57:10 -0400
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Assuming that you do not have autoextend on the datafiles set on or the total autoextend for all of the datafiles does not exceed whatever the usable disk is your OK since the files are of fixed size. On the other hand if you have autoextend for the datafiles to be larger than the available disk space HP will let you extend to just about 101% of the available (thankfully HP slices off 15% of a mount point at creation time just for this type of fat finger) before it will deny further expansion & then you'll start getting errors. OH, BTW: if the autoextend increment would cause the mount point to hit 110% you'll get the error immediately without pushing it over 100%. Also one should remember that HP does not recommend pushing a mount point beyond the 90% point as a rule of thumb, and I've had an occurrence where violating that rule has caused LOTS of problems.

Dick Goulet

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Subject: Tablespace storage/can disk fill? Author:
Date: 6/29/00 11:04 AM

I have an index tablespace that someone had set maxextents to unlimited. The datafiles in that tablespace do not have auto extend turned on. The disk that those datafiles are on is 98% full. I realize that the storage for objects that don't have storage specified will take the default of the tablespace (in this case, unlimited).

  1. With these settings, could the objects themselves extend beyond the current datafile sizes causing the disk to completely fill?
  2. If I want to now set maxextents to a limited amount (when it had previously been sent to unlimited), how can I know what a "safe" number is to set it too?

Oracle 8.05/HPUX

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