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RE: Real world OCP

From: Bill Conner <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:38:19 -0600
Message-Id: <>

At 11:59 AM 6/29/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I agree with a lot of what you say, Patrice. As far as the life and death
>issues and DBAs, I imagine there are some people on the list who could tell
>war stories of when DBA skills really did come down to literal life and
>death decisions, but most of the time it's just a matter of pressing the
>right buttons in an organized way or killing someone's week's business, or
>indeed their business as a whole. I definitely think some kind of licensing
>is in order.

If you guys need a piece of paper to tell you that you have the skill sets to be
a dba then you are in the wrong job. i have managed to keep from ever losing a database sense i started over 8 years ago, and it did not require a license,
just some dedication, the ability to read a manual and lots of hard work. Great
people who want more and more red tape and control, just what this country needs.

>There is of course an unfortunate side effect to this line of
>reasoning: if people are licensed to do DBA work then they are responsible
>for doing it right. That's fine, but when the lawsuits get started people
>are going to need liability insurance for their work. As soon as that
>liability insurance comes in the door a lot of the profitability of the
>business is turned over to lawyers.
><tangent> Seems like that happens a lot. Perhaps we should start an export
>program for lawyers. We could send lawyers to other countries that a have a
>shortage of legal professionals. We could establish an entire fleet of
>salt-bottomed boats exclusively for shipping lawyers to third-world
>countries who need them.</tangent>
>I also like the idea about engineer qualifications. Since the DBA profession
>is closely associated with engineering it may be a good model. Of course one
>advantage for the hands-on training and testing programs for a DBA as
>opposed to someone who repairs arteries or builds bridges is that we can
>build simulators that use actual Oracle8i databases. Thus our simulation is
>nearly 100% accurate. The only thing that might require a little software
>trickery is simulating a VLDB environment without using the actual resources
>required for a VLDB.
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