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Re:SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 13:14:17 -0700
Message-Id: <>

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Subject:        	Re:SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

> Did you actually get it to work on a Win'95 machine?


It is ***not*** compatible with Win95/98/2000.

I think I did hear that some of the Win3 stuff (Forms3?) could be made to run in Win95 (I think that was because there was no dependency on Oracle's sqlpme.exe DOS memory manager for the Win3 version of Forms3 since it used native Win3 memory management, which was sorta compatible with Win95???), but there may have been some severe limitations (needed to boot to Win95 DOS?, or only "real mode", not "protected mode"?).

I think that was reported by John Flack on the old Oracle-L list. I haven't seen him post anything for a long time. Maybe he made a lot of money on his Oracle stock, and moved to Roratonga to go fishing. :)

>When you say you were
> using the "client32" DOS drivers what do you mean?

Novell's network drivers for DOS/Win3, circa 1997/1998.

The entire package was called "client32" (since it was aimed at Win9x?), but it also contained DOS network drivers, including IP.

All I was indicating was that you don't necessarily need the older Novell network drivers (ODI?) that were current at the time when SQL*Net v2-lite came out. If your network support people can more easily provide the newer client32 DOS drivers, that is ok since they are "compatible" with SQL*Net v2-lite from my experience.

here are the file names/dates from an old legacy DOS box:

 Volume in drive C is M7540AV
 Volume Serial Number is 0818-1801
 Directory of C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32

NIOS     EXE       239,942 06-16-98   4:54p
NBIC32   NLM        47,953 05-12-98   4:44p
LSLC32   NLM        20,043 01-07-98   3:37p
CMSM     NLM        71,826 05-13-98  12:09p
ETHERTSM NLM        16,020 01-07-98   4:09p
SMC8000  LAN        26,658 03-07-98  12:00p
TCPIP    NLM       233,614 07-23-98   8:45a
TRANNTA  NLM        37,044 09-14-98  10:14a
IPX      NLM       114,903 02-12-98  11:18a
SPX_SKTS NLM        41,902 08-04-98  11:14a
CLIENT32 NLM       517,567 09-28-98  11:11a

> The only reason I am asking is that the only way we could get it to work
> was on a DOS machine (Win 3.1).

That is correct!

>I did not try to hard setting it up on
> Win'95 pretty much because I assumed that a DOS application will not have a
> way of using a 32 bit IP stack.

Dunno, but I would guess you are right.

That might explain why the DOS/Win3 Oracle client stuff (Forms3) was tossed out, with "0" platform migration grace time, and replaced by a completely different looking Forms4 for Win95.

> Please shed the light on this as I would like to move all this Win'95.

As far as I know, the problem is entirely a matter of incompatibility of Oracle's extended memory manager for DOS (sqlpme.exe) with Win95/98/2000 memory management. This was documented somewhere by Oracle, possibly in the release notes, or obsolescence notification for the DOS Oracle client for Netware.

As far as I know, you have to have sqlpme.exe to run SQL*Net v2-lite on the client, so you are stuck with DOS.

Sorry for any confusion, Received on Wed Jun 28 2000 - 15:14:17 CDT

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