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Re: SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

From: <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:35:59 EDT
Message-Id: <>

I don't know if this is useful to you or not, but I was running an old application using Oracle 5.1A and Forms 2.2 under stand-alone Windows 95 for the last several years. You had to reboot Win95 into DOS mode, but it was set up using a MS-DOS icon on the desktop and then when done using Oracle, the user rebooted by typing EXIT and was back in Win95. This application was intermittently used, so this was an acceptable solution because it let the user utilize real Win95 software the rest of the time.

If this is useful, let me know and I can send details.

Marc Perkowitz
MTP Systems Consulting

In a message dated 6/28/00 10:23:16 AM Central Daylight Time, Val_Gamerman/ writes:

<< Eric,  

 Did you actually get it to work on a Win'95 machine? When you say you were  using the "client32" DOS drivers what do you mean?  

 The only reason I am asking is that the only way we could get it to work  was on a DOS machine (Win 3.1). I did not try to hard setting it up on  Win'95 pretty much because I assumed that a DOS application will not have a  way of using a 32 bit IP stack.  

 Please shed the light on this as I would like to move all this Win'95.  


 To:       Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>
 cc:        (bcc: Val Gamerman/Victoria Financial)
 Date:     06/28/2000 02:14:06 AM GMT

 FWIW, don't forget that Oracle's extended memory manager for DOS  ("sqlpme.exe") is also required (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH A DOS BOX IN  WIN9x!!!).
 Ahhh, remember the "good old days" when you had to fit your network  drivers and all that sh*t into 640K RAM?  Anyways, per the appended SQL*Net v2-lite documentation, the TCP/IP  vendors supported are:

 OWS>                a) FTP
 OWS>                b) Novell
 OWS>                c) PCNFS

 (we used it with Novell's "client32" DOS drivers and Netware 3.1x)  example connect string syntax:
 OWS>                SQLFORMS SCOTT/TIGER_at_t: -C BIOS
 have fun,

> ... I believe Oracle (somewhere in the deep dark back room)
> may have a version of SQL*Net V2 Lite that may save your bacon. Whether
 or not
> it will support your protocol may be a sticky point. I've a copy
> for TCP/IP but it required a specific vendors TCP stack to work. >>
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