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Re: SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

From: <Val_Gamerman/>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:15:04 -0400
Message-Id: <>

I was able to upgrade to 7.3.4 and keep my 7.2 SQL*Net 1 listenrs (I literally copied the executables into the 7.3.4 bin directory and modified the oracle startup script to bring them up automatically).

I was able to do it on Netware. In fact, Oracle documentation for on Netware states that you can keep on running the SQL*Net 1 listeners against the 7.3.4 database.

There is another solution depending on what network protocol you guys are using.

There is an Oracle product called DOS SQL*Net V2 Lite -- simulation of SQL*Net V2 for 16 bit applications. The only restriction is that it has to be TCP/IP. (You can verify if you current SQL*Net 1 connection string in the current application looks similar to this: "t:host_name:orcl"). I have the disk (1 floppy) that I got from Oracle support about a year ago.

Hope this helps.
Val Gamerman.

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From:     "Gait, Christopher" <> @ NOTES NET
Date:     06/27/2000 03:45:41 PM GMT

Subject: SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

I'm relaying a tech support request:
"We have a 16 bit application(Dynacomm) that calls oracle via DDEMGR and sqlnet 1. I know that neither of these are supported any more but they still work fine as long as we can used SQL*NET V1.. Thus that is why we run a 7.2.3 instance with sqlnet 1 and sqlnet2 that links to our 8.1.5 database via sqlnet2.
Dynacomm does have a newer release but it does not support the Adapt SNA gateway that we must have in order to do labor. The last time I talked to their development team they had no plans to support this. The reason I say 7.2.3 is because I thought this was the last version that supported sqlnet 1.
We currently either run 7.2.3 or 7.2.2 version of the database on our unix systems."
Oracle only sends out 7.3.4 and later at this point. Does anyone have an alternative solution to this?

Author: Gait, Christopher
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