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RE: SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

From: Gait, Christopher <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:34:09 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Dick, Val et al.

Thanks for your suggestions. It looks like SQL*Net V2 Lite is a good match for our problem, so we're trying to get a copy of it.

The list does it again!

Chris Gait

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To: Gait; Christopher; Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L Subject: Re:SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app.

Let's see, = "use old stuff till there is no more". Humm, been there
before. Like before I retired from the AF.

OK, 1st question, does this application run only on DOS? If so, I think you may
be dead in the water. I believe Oracle (somewhere in the deep dark back room)
may have a version of SQL*Net V2 Lite that may save your bacon. Whether or not
it will support your protocol may be a sticky point. I've a copy

for TCP/IP but it required a specific vendors TCP stack to work. Configuring
this was a little tricky, but we did succeed in the end.

2nd, does it use a database alias as was allowed by SQL*Net V1. If so you may
be able to fake it out into using SQL*Net V2/Net8 alias.

Otherwise I think you may well be is serious trouble as your right, 7.2.x was
the last release to support Net V1 and it is no longer available from Oracle.
Can you shed additional light on this gateway? Does it support additional protocols? Can it be integrated into the DB as the Oracle gateways do? What
the heck is it in the first place??

Sorry if this does not help.

Dick Goulet

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Subject: SQLNet V1 issue to support Dynacomm 16-bit app. Author: "Gait; Christopher" <> Date: 6/27/00 7:45 AM

I'm relaying a tech support request:

"We have a 16 bit application(Dynacomm) that calls oracle via DDEMGR and sqlnet 1. I know that neither of these are supported any more but they still work fine as long as we can used SQL*NET V1.. Thus that is why we run a 7.2.3 instance with sqlnet 1 and sqlnet2 that links to our 8.1.5 database via sqlnet2.

Dynacomm does have a newer release but it does not support the Adapt SNA gateway that we must have in order to do labor. The last time I talked to their development team they had no plans to support this.

The reason I say 7.2.3 is because I thought this was the last version that supported sqlnet 1.
We currently either run 7.2.3 or 7.2.2 version of the database on our unix systems."

Oracle only sends out 7.3.4 and later at this point. Does anyone have an alternative solution to this?

Author: Gait, Christopher

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