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RE: OEM 2.1 vs. BMC Patrol

From: Gait, Christopher <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 22:22:17 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Have you looked at Precise software? We're evaluating it right now for performance monitoring and improvement and what I've seen so far impresses me. The real beauty is that Precise works from outside Oracle. It sucks information on the SGA and pool directly out of Unix memory and thus has no user login, no querying V$ views, no real impact at all on the instance. The figures I've seen are that it uses less than 5% of one CPU on a server and allows you to query performance and build a SQL repository (tracking what was run and how it effected everything else running) with a HUGE refresh rate (up to 99 times a second).

Mike Ault recommends it, which was the first endorsement that got my attention.

Chris Gait
Arlington, VA

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From: Steve Orr []
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 9:17 PM
To: Oracle-L; Oracledba
Subject: OEM 2.1 vs. BMC Patrol

Damagement is keen on acquiring some DBA tools. The current tools being considered are BMC Patrol and OEM. We are strictly a Sun/Oracle/Apache shop and don't need cross platform support. Any white papers or comparisons of OEM 2.1 vs. BMC Patrol?

I've been burned by OEM 1.X in the past but have been pleasingly surprised by OEM 2.1. I set it up on a Sun pizza box for the Management Server tier and I use Windoze NT for the client tier. It performs well (despite Windoze) and has lots of functionality. Looks like Oracle has FINALLY come through with a viable release of OEM! (We're using the Diagnostics and Performance Packs with the Replication and InterMedia Text Managers.)

After briefly reviewing BMC's site, I'm seeing a lot more functionality with OEM. Is there ANY functionality in BMC Patrol that OEM does not have? For that matter, is there any important functionality in any of the other tools
(Savant, Embarcadero, Quest, etc.) which is missing from OEM 2.1?

It's time to re-evaluate the offerings... any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Steve Orr

The biggest investment is my time and the dollar cost of software is small potatoes by comparison.

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