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Re: Interesting developments at Oracle ....

From: John Barron <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:53:12 -0700
Message-Id: <>

I think this article refers in part to Oracle Apps 11i which comes with Oracles new OAS (Oracle Application Server) which comes with a larry's customised Apache Server. This will replace the current OAS which is used with Oracle Apps release 11. Oracle Apps 11i is gearded heavily towards Self Service applications where users interface with Oracle Apps via a web browser (hey no more Forms - is this the death of oracle Forms?).

If you use OAS most of the DBA work is done using a web browser so I think I would say in part Yes to your question with more of our work done over the internet/intranet using web browsers. (shame really coz I like greping around with vi and awk). But its some time away yet I think.

john b

At 12:26 PM 6/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Don't want to start a war but I caught this today on the web. Notice the
>line about making the IAS
>as big as the database products...interesting...
>Are we going to have to become IAS - DBAs??? I think that Mr. Ellison should
>spend less time on
>conquering the world and more on making his products compete in the market.
>What are your thoughts?...
>June 26, 2000
>Oracle Plays the Reinvention Game
>Larry Ellison tries, once again, to redefine his database software company
>as a dot-com.
>By Elinor Abreu
>After years of trying to shed his company's database-centric image
>and after a week in which its stock was hammered because of perceived
>softening in its
>core database business Larry Ellison is counting on a big announcement this
>week to
>convince investors that Oracle really is an Internet company.
>On Wednesday, Ellison "will reveal the culmination of his Internet vision
>which has
>been three years in the making," according to a company statement.
>The big news? The release of Oracle Internet Application Server, software
>provides the infrastructure to manage business processes online. IAS will
>"redefine the application server market," boasts Jeremy Burton, senior VP of
>marketing. "We want to make our application-server business as big as our
>business." Emphasis mine.
>In addition to the standard applications for transactions, order entry,
>marketing and human resources, the new product includes features that aren't
>Oracle's current application server, such as the Apache Web server,
>the Internet File System for storing and managing all types of content,
>and portal technology to create customized views of corporate data for
>employees and partners.
>Check it out in full context -
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