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RE: Move Database from one machine to another

From: Mullings, Daniel <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 15:10:37 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Thanks for the quick response, Dick.
Please see comments and questions that are inserted below..

Daniel Mullings
MTSC - Advisory Systems Engineer
GTE Data Services
Irving, Texas

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    Regrettably I can't provide a web site or paper. But on the other hand I've
done this task before.

  1. make sure the machines are the same OS. (a stupid item for sure, but then you'd be suprised)

     Running NT 4.0, so no problem there.

2) IF possible make the mount points identical (not necessary, but sure helps)

     Regrettably, I'm not even close to being a DBA, just an application developer that's got a

     couple of servers with Oracle on them. One server is a P166 324mb ram and the other is a

     Compaq Proliant PII 266 512mb ram. Could you clarify mount points for me?

3) Copy (in BINARY ) all of the database and log files from the old to the new
machine. If you want, you can copy the control and init files as well. If you
don't you'll need to create an init file and use the output from an "alter database backup controlfile to trace;" command to recreate the control files.
You will need to edit this file to make the commands real and to rename datafiles if needed.

     Will copying the files via explorer be sufficient? Or will I need to use xcopy/copy with a

     binary switch? Also, do you have a list of files that I need to move or will those files with

     the latest modified date be the ones that I need?

4) startup nomount the database if you are using the control file rebuild method
and run the sql generated from above. This will recreate the control file(s),
mount the database, reset the logs, and open the database. In essence your done.

     Hopefully, I can use option 5.

5) Assuming you don't want to recreate the control files, startup mount the database. Rename any files with the "alter database rename file <original> to
<whatever_it_is_now>;" that need it. The "alter database open;". If all went
well the database will open normally and your done.

     Do you happen to have the exact command to mount the database?
     Is it startup mount <filename.ora> ?

PS: don't forget the listener and sqlnet.ora files and /etc/oratab (Unix) as well.

     Thanks for all your help.

Dick Goulet

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