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RE: Data Warehousing Woes

From: Klavers, Richard <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:56:14 +0200
Message-Id: <>


I think the website is a good place to start, you'll at least get some ideas of what a DW is all about.

Regards, Richard Klavers

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> Van: Patrick Mullen[]
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> Verzonden: donderdag 22 juni 2000 11:10
> Aan: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Onderwerp: Re: Data Warehousing Woes
> Hi Michael
> I've learnt a lot about Data Warehousing in the last three years. You
> should try reading some of the standard books by Inmon and co. In my
> humble
> opinion DW can be a bit difficult to grasp at the beginning because one is
> so clogged up with ideas of best practice, efficiency etc. I read some
> books, browsed the internet and tried to create a reporting database from
> our legacy system. It was only after sometime that the penny began to
> slide
> down the slot, that the questions I had to ask always were "what do I
> want?" and "how can I do it?" not "what should one want?" and "how should
> I
> do it?". The point is the theories only go so far. The project should have
> a strong focus. It needs to know what it wants to produce. Anyway ny
> advice
> would be for DW get one of the standard texts (the names escape me for the
> moment), read it, browse the web, visit another site where they already
> have DW and be prepared for a steep learning curve.
> On the other hand it could be that your company is just trying to pool all
> its legacy data in one place and hence Oracle. The main objective being
> just to have the data in oracle. We have done something like this, but
> this
> is not data warehousing, it just a matter of data access really and is not
> very complicated.
> Hi, well as our previous senior database dude has left
> the company and this has left basically just me to
> fend for the company's present db woes. Here's the
> scoop: We're going to soon be moving all of our logs
> and legacy databases into one massive Oracle database.
> Seems to me like a real classic data warehousing /
> reporting project.
> The problem? I'm probably between junior and
> intermediate level. There are (guessing here) 20 Gigs
> of data with many more gigs in the future. Now, I
> really enjoy working with Oracle and I would love to
> learn this but I know this is a bit over my head.
> So my questions are:
> 1) Where the heck do I start to learn about data
> warehousing? Books, 3rd party tools, etc.
> 2) (serious question) How hard do I push for the
> company to go out and pay $1 billion for a couple of
> data warehouse consultants to at least help us with
> the design and architectural analysis?
> Thanks guys,
> MJ.
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