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Re: Data Warehousing Woes

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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 08:34:50 -0500
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Hi Michael,

We have two DW's here. One is a very expensive failure because the design experienced scope creep. The (bonehead) consultants who designed our failed DW decided that they'd make their own design that encompassed everything, and that writing reports was the easy part - they had no idea what the reports would need to do or how the optimizer would react to such a convoluted design. I kind of wish I was staying at my current job because I would love to be part of the redesign now that we know exactly what the reports should return.

One thing I'd push for is a full-blown test environment. At least that way when you go production you know what kind of performance to expect. That may not be possible, but it bit us in the ass, big time. No one could understand why a report would fly through a 15GB database and not through a 150GB database.

Good luck! I think DW is fascinating and I envy you. Lisa

Michael Johnson <> on 06/22/2000 01:15:31 AM

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Subject: Data Warehousing Woes

Hi, well as our previous senior database dude has left the company and this has left basically just me to fend for the company's present db woes. Here's the scoop: We're going to soon be moving all of our logs and legacy databases into one massive Oracle database.  Seems to me like a real classic data warehousing / reporting project.

The problem? I'm probably between junior and intermediate level. There are (guessing here) 20 Gigs of data with many more gigs in the future. Now, I really enjoy working with Oracle and I would love to learn this but I know this is a bit over my head.

So my questions are:
1) Where the heck do I start to learn about data warehousing? Books, 3rd party tools, etc. 2) (serious question) How hard do I push for the company to go out and pay $1 billion for a couple of data warehouse consultants to at least help us with the design and architectural analysis?

Thanks guys,


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