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(Fwd) (Fwd) Re: (Fwd) Oracle [Novell/NDS - hardcode password?]

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 22:15:19 -0700
Message-Id: <>

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Hi Bert (and Ed ;-) )

>I've "played" around with NDS integration in the past before, but I
>never could stop the users from logging on to the (secondary) server.
>As I understood NDS integration, it should be possible to log in to
>the tree and thus avoid bindery connections.
>Have you solved this "problem" ? If so, could you tell me how ?

I hadn't thought about that so far as I'm logged in to most of my test servers most of the time.

But you're right - partly:

You _are_ in fact logged in to the server running the Oracle database when connecting using NDS integration; whenever I start my syslog program, the Win machine running it logs in to the DB server. And I'm not even loggin in as an NDS user...

However, this has nothing to do with bindery. You get a true NDS connection to the server in question. What it _does_ affect is the fact that you'll swallow a connection license - so apparently you shouldn't expect to be able to run on a runtime license ;-).

>I am also interested in the article you mentioned, could you mail it
>to me, please ?

No, I'm sorry. I've only got it in paper form - I actually subscribe to Developer Notes. But you can find it here:   

You can download an Acrobat version as well.


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Getting Started with Oracle on

Paul Coletti
Ariadne Consulting Ltd.
Posted: 05/11/00


    Installing and Configuring a Basic Oracle Database 


    Using NDS to Authenticate to Oracle 


[ also see: ]

Running Oracle on NetWare provides many advantages. Aside from
sheer speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness, one of the most
compelling reasons to run Oracle on NetWare is its integration with
Novell Directory Services (NDS). As an Oracle developer with
customers who already possess an established NDS infrastructure,
you can cut development time considerably by offering to integrate
your solution with NDS, negating the need for an additional
authentication system. The larger the NDS tree at your customer site,
the more you can save them in cost and time.

This Developer Note is divided into two parts: 

    Installing and Configuring the Database describes how to
    install and configure a basic Oracle database on NetWare 5.1,
    load the starter database and get NDS authentication working. 
    Using NDS to Authenticate to Oracle presents a simple Visual
    Basic application demonstrating how Oracle developers can use
    NDS to easily authenticate to an Oracle database. 

Note that this Developer Note does not touch on topics such as Oracle
database design, replication or configuration. It also assumes that the
reader is familiar with some of the basic Oracle terminology. If you'd
like to know more about the very basics of Oracle then a good place
to start is Oracle 8i: A Beginner's guide by Michael Abbey et al. 

Special thanks must go to Gillian Anderson and Peter Cullen of
Oracle UK Tech Support for their help in explaining some of the
trickier intricacies of Oracle.

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