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RE: Pro*C/Pro*Cobol vs PL/SQL Performance

From: Srinivasan Subramanian kandallu <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:12:45 +0530
Message-Id: <>

My own experiences...

Advantages of using Pro*c

  1. If you are doing lot of calculations based on the data retrieval, you can not match anything other languages with pro*c, it is 10 times faster than PL/SQL.
  2. You can fetch records in batches as opposed to normally we do in L/SQL( fetching records one by one from cursor), this will tremendously increase your application performance.
  3. Batch selection,insertion,updation and deletion are possible.


  1. If you run the same pro*c code on some other installations, say, you have written the code on HP-UX and if you try to execute the same code on Solaris, it may or may not work. - Portability is not there.

Advantages of using PL/SQL

1.100% portable across platforms
2. Codes are stored in compiled form ,if it is a stored procedure/function.
3. You can pin the objects into memory and it is available always in memory
and ready for execution.


  1. If you are doing lot of numeric calculations, your PL/SQL code will become damn slow.


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Dear all,

Has anyone done any testing in this area? Any findings? We've done a simple test here and found that the precompilers were much slower than PL/SQL. The program just had a loop that fetches a row from a tiny table 20K times.

The problem seems to be with the number of roundtrips the precompiler language needs to make to the database, whereas when calling a PL/SQL package there does not seem to be that overhead.

So any papers/findings that you can refer me to? I've read the standard Oracle Pre*compiler tuning stuff so am looking for something more technical to support or deny the theory. Any ideas on how long it takes to make the roundtrip?

The bigger picture is that we are trying to decide whether to go Pro*Cobol or PL/SQL. So any white papers or external experience would be well appreciated.


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