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Re:RE: OFFTOPIC: Should we be learning Teradata?

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:17:12 -0400
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    I try to keep an open mind, in that I try to have some working knowledge of the big players. Consequently I miss a lot of these specialty dbms systems. I was under the belief from some of the trade rags that Teradata corp was bought by NCR with the idea of killing the dbms and keeping the tools. Looks like once again the rags are wrong, but after looking at NCR's web site it looks like this is a real niche system, runs on NCR and NT platforms only and is mainly (again) only aimed at the DSS world. In this case I think you made a very correct decision and your comrades may well regret their cross-training in the future. Also, from a bottom line point of view, whoever in upper management that brought this thing into you company may regret it as well. Why pay for a second dbms when Oracle covers both? Seems like a VERY poor business decision to me.

BTW: In today's world, I don't consider this as an off-topic subject.

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Subject: RE: OFFTOPIC: Should we be learning Teradata? Author: Sandeep Dubey <> Date: 6/16/00 7:16 AM


I would like to add more skills but definitely not at cost of ending my career in Oracle.


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My company has recently begun several projects that will use Teradata instead of Oracle. Several of our Oracle DBA's are getting cross trained in Teradata. I have told management that I desire to work only in Oracle and not in Teradata. My reasoning is that there is more than enough for me to learn in Oracle, I am more comfortable focusing on one product rather than being a jack-of-all trades, etc. Bottom line is that each day I don't work as an Oracle DBA I become 'dumber' in Oracle.

Now, as the other DBA's are getting Teradata training and certifications, I am beginning to wonder if I made the right decision.

Any thoughts? Is Teradata growing in popularity? Should I be cross-trained in Oracle and Teradata? What would you do?


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Author: Sandeep Dubey

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