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RE: Completely off-topic, gas-prices

From: Steve Orr <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:59:03 -0700
Message-Id: <>

As an American I reserve the right to drive my gas guzzling Suburban Assault Vehicle and pollute the environment more than the next guy. Another good thing about SUV's... due to their bulk, you are more likely to survive a crash than the other guy. Still another good thing about SUV's, you can carry more ammunition and beer that the other guy (.44 Mag and imported Guinness of course). That way, as the wealth of Western Civilization is transferred to the Middle East and as we encounter global warming, Armageddon and nuclear winter, I can get further back into the mountains of Montana than the other guy. :-)

Hey, it's Friday!
Mad Max

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I know the living cost is more expensive in Europe but your E-mail is still a shocker to me. I guess I (and a lot of folks in the US) am not used to this kind of price jack-ups. I miss the good old days ( yeah, about a year and half ago) when the the gas price for the Regular is around 80 cents a gallon. On the other hand, we are DBAs and we are making the big bucks  don't mean to start another off-topic thread here ), I guess we should not be whining , right?

Dennis Meng
Database Administrator
Focal Communications

You think that's expensive?
I'v converted the gallon to 3.78541 Liter, and the Dollar to f2.30 dutch guilder. 1 Liter of unleaded fuel costs f2.70 here so;

The gallon would cost us here in Holland $4.45 so two times your price! Talking about the price of living......

Eric Lansu

> I did not see anybody from Chicago area. Did I miss something or is
> it because people here are staying home
> to save gas money ( $2.20+ per gallon, can you believe that )?
> Anyway I work in Arlington Heights, IL, which is about 35 minutes
> west of downtown Chicago.
> Dennis Meng
> Database Administrator
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