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7x24 Environment and Oracle

From: LoughMiller, Gregory <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:04:54 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Trying to work thru some design issues in building a 7x24 oracle environment. It is to be used for an enterprise wide application...

So the question I have is this-has anyone been thru this exercise, and how was your infrastructure architected? What kind of "pitfalls" did you encounter? Which ones did you avoid? What would you do different if you got to do it again?

We are approaching this within a SUN environment with EMC storage. The primary nodes are to be SUN E10K's-within either a SUN HA or Oracle Parallel Server environment. that decision is still yet to be made. We will have a Connectrix Switch in front of an EMC cabinet with 19TB of disk. The first primary node would have a fail over requirement of no more than 15 minutes to the secondary node co-located within the same data center.. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare an OPS vs. SUNHA environments?

Also, within a DR environment(geographically different locations)-if one was to fail over to your DR site, what was your strategy for this configuration? Standby database? Use of EMC SRDF? Replication?etc,etc

I guess we are looking to gather information about how other sites have performed this-and take a "best practices" approach.

Greg Loughmiller

 From: "Philip J. Tully" <>  Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:06:21 -0400
 Subject: Re: Completely off-topic, gas-prices

The comparison of pricing between US and (rest of World) is off base. The difference is taxes, this is determined not by the market but by governmental decision for some desired effect. In the US taxes also vary, I live in New Jersey, where the price of regular this morning was $1.54 per. I work in New York City, where taxes and cost of living brings this to $2.02. But a better comparison is between non urban NY, non urban NJ and non-urban Pennsylvania. In each of these comparisons the price difference is NY and Pennsylvania gas prices are $.12 - $.15 more than NJ. In NJ the transit system is non-existent, therefore the government would impact the marketability of the state if they raised state taxes on Gas. The cost of gasoline is impacted worldwide by the social/govermental priorities, not by the accesibilty of oil. If the US chose to implement the same social programs as available in much of Europe/Asia, then gasoline would be one of the commodities to tax.

Phil Tully wrote:
> HA!!!!!
> <rant>
> You think THATS expensive!!!! We pay #4 per gallon on unleaded fuel... Converted to US$ that is $6.04...
> Damn British gonvernment taxes...
> </rant>
> Mark
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> Subject: Completely off-topic, gas-prices
> You think that's expensive?
> I'v converted the gallon to 3.78541 Liter, and the Dollar to f2.30 dutch
> guilder.
> 1 Liter of unleaded fuel costs f2.70 here so;
> The gallon would cost us here in Holland $4.45 so two times your price!
> Talking about the price of living......
> Eric Lansu
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