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RE: Where are you from

From: I.S. Manager <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 08:39:23 -0700
Message-Id: <>

At 01:28 AM 6/15/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Do you think the incompetent bozos who are now running the state will be
>replaced by competent bozos (Socialist, Republican, Facist or whatever)?
>Boy I wish I still had your optimism on politicians

Heh. Good point. No, I don't think any politician is 'Good'. But some of them are less idiotic than others. I think I'd almost rather have crooked politicians than incompetent ones. At least the crooks want the system to operate efficiently so they can skim more. The incompetent ones seem to think that you can raise the forestry industry's costs by 85% and they'll still be competitive.

I'm just looking for a politician who can say "Gee. Maybe that was a bad idea."

The mental image I get when I think of the NDP is based on a particular episode of 'Cheers', where Lilith brought one of those rat-training devices into the bar. If the rat presses the button, he gets a peanut. If he presses the bar, he gets a shock. (or some such). Norm and Cliff come along, want the peanuts, and keep getting shocked because they can't figure out not to push the bar.

Norm: Well, press here and get a peanut <Bzzzz> OW!

Cliff: Maybe if I try it <Bzzzz> OW!

Norm: OK, you have to use this finger <Bzzzz> OW!

Cliff: No, that's not right. Try this <Bzzzz> OW!

Norm: I really want that peanut <Bzzzz> OW!

So the NDP wants to raise taxes so they can spend like there's no tomorrow, but everything they do results in businesses fleeing the province, reduced productivity, businesses failing, etc. It goes something like this:

Let's raise taxes on the forestry industry <Bzzzz> OW!

OK maybe if we put this levy on businesses <Bzzzz> OW!

How about an asset tax <Bzzzz> OW!

Well we can raise personal income taxes <Bzzzz> OW!

OK, we'll add fees for permits and <Bzzzz> OW!

and so on...

Dennis Taylor
The opinions expressed herein are mine. Get your own opinions!
Received on Thu Jun 15 2000 - 10:39:23 CDT

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