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Re: PeopleSoft Message Agent

From: Larry Strickland <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 21:21:27 -0400
Message-Id: <>


Hidden in the PeopleSoft documentation is an API for the message agent. You can speak to it through C fairly easily and through other languages such as COBOL, Perl, etc. with some additional work. The API differs depending on the version of the Message Agent and the version of your product. Unfortunately, we have Financials, HR and Student Admin, but not Manufacturing, so even my limited experience won't help.

Keep digging through the documentation, though, it IS there and as I remember it, it isn't terribly difficult (that said, I went around the back door and use direct database access because it was easier in my instance).


At 03:38 PM 6/14/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>OK, This is somewhat off topic, but I believe if anyone in this world has
>this, then their listening on this list. Replies can be sent directly back to
>me instead of the whole list to keep the message volume down.
>We're in the middle of a PeopleSoft implementation for our Manufacturing
>area to
>replace our current ManMan system. The problem we have is that we have
>implemented a number of automatic feedback steps from out assembly line
>back to
>ManMan. This is a necessary evil as the assembly line is for the most part
>fully automated, namely it scraps stuff, orders parts, completes assemblies &
>orders by itself and then sends this info back into ManMan for further
>like by purchasing & shipping & the stock room. Now we want to transfer these
>actions to PeopleSoft, but without re-inventing the wheel (namely we want
>to use
>the panels delivered by PeopleSoft). We're being directed towards the Apps
>server trough this thing called the PeopleSoft Message agent. Anyone know
>this is, how you set it up (especially on HP-UX 11), and most importantly how
>you talk to it(especially in C)???
>Thanks in advance.
>Dick Goulet
>Senior Oracle DBA
>Vicor Corporation
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