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RE: Concise List - Where are you from ?

From: HAWKINS, JAMES W [FND/1000] <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 09:07:46 -0500
Message-Id: <>

I guess I don't want to be left out...  

Jim Hawkins - St. Louis, MO (home of the Super Bowl Champion Rams and Budweiser!)  

Jim Hawkins
Oracle Database Administration Team
Monsanto Company
800 North Lindbergh - G3ED
St. Louis, MO 63167
314.694.7592 - Office 
314.308.6614 - Cellular 
314.294.2623 - Pager               

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

                                                   --Theodore Roosevelt 


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From: Deepak Sharma [] Sent: Monday, June 12, 2000 4:45 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L Subject: Concise List - Where are you from ?

Here is the list of members who replied to this thread so far. There may have been unintentional errors/omissions, such as in First/Last names or place of Origin etc.

Deepak Sharma

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Name:Current City/State:Country:Original City/State:Country

Aldo Sigura:Parana:Argentina:Parana:Argentina

Ali Cem Dinc:Ankara:Turkey:Ankara:Turkey

Andy Smith:Denver, Colorado:USA:Denver, Colorado:USA

Ari D Kaplan:Moscow:Russia:Chicago:USA

Azizulah Khan:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia:HYDERABAD:India

Bill Conner:Highlands Ranch, CO:USA:Highlands Ranch, CO:USA

Bill Gentry:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA:LaCrosse, Wisconsin:USA

Bill Noyes:Rancho Santa Margarita, CA:USA:Rancho Santa Margarita, CA:USA

Bob VanderMey:Vernon Hills, IL:USA:Vernon Hills, IL:USA

Bradly A Norwood:Dallas, TX:USA:Los Angeles, CA:USA

Brian Schalme:Winnipeg, Manitoba:Canada:Winnipeg, Manitoba:Canada

Brian_McQuillan:New York:USA:Glasgow:Scotland

Chan Siu Ming:Manila:Philippines:Manila:Philippines

Charles Wolfe:Washington, DC/Baltimore:USA:Washington, DC/Baltimore:USA

Chris J Royce:Jamestown NC:USA:Jamestown NC:USA

Chris Royce::Canada::Canada

Christian Bilien:Paris:France:Paris:France

Colin Shaw:CA:USA:CA:USA

Dan Williams:Austin, TX:USA:Austin, TX:USA

David Shockey:Brookwood, Alabama:USA:Brookwood, Alabama:USA

Deepak Sharma:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA:New Delhi:India

Deepak Thapliyal:Redwood City,CA:USA:Bombay:India

Deepu George:Bangalore:India:Bangalore:India

Denise:Morgantown, West Virginia:USA:Morgantown, West Virginia:USA

Durinda Jones:Overland Park, KS:USA:Peculiar, MO:USA

Eric D. Pierce:Sacramento, CA:USA:Sacramento, CA:USA

Geeta Iyer:Denver, Colorado:USA:Denver, Colorado:USA

George Brennan:Baker Street, London:UK:Baker Street, London:UK

Gints Plivna:Riga:Latvia:Riga:Latvia

Glen Braden:Hampton, VA:USA:Hampton, VA:USA

Glenn Travis:RTP, North Carolina:USA::USA

Gregory Conron:Glace Bay, Nova Scotia:Canada:Glace Bay, Nova Scotia:Canada

Gregory Conron::Latvia::Latvia

Gunawan Yuwono:Kansas City, MO:USA::Indonesia

guy ruth hammond:London:UK:London:UK

H Karthikeyan:Bangalore:India:Bangalore:India

Indra Harimurti:Jakarta:Indonesia:Jakarta:Indonesia

Jaime Perez:Los Angeles, CA:USA:Los Angeles, CA:USA

Jared Still:Portland, Oregon:USA:Portland, Oregon:USA

Jay Miller:New York City:USA:New York City:USA

Jeff Wiegand:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA

Jim Conboy:Reston, Virginia:USA:Reston, Virginia:USA

John Fedock:Glen Allen, Virginia:USA:Glen Allen, Virginia:USA

Jose Luis:Madrid:Spain:Madrid:Spain

Joseph S. Testa:Ohio:USA:Ohio:USA

Kamal MDM:Mumbai:India:Pondicherry:India

Ken Hitchcox:San Diego:USA:San Diego:USA

Kenneth R Fowler:North Stonington, CT:USA::New Zealand

Kevin Martin:Austin, TX:USA:Austin, TX:USA

Kirti Deshpande:Flower Mound, Texas:USA:Flower Mound, Texas:USA

Kristen Cameron:Yellowknife, NW Territories:Canada:Yellowknife, NW Territories:Canada

Lee Robertson:Newcastle-upon-Tyne:UK:Newcastle-upon-Tyne:UK

Leighton Williams:Kent:UK:Swansea, South Wales:UK

Lisa Koivu:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA:Minneapolis, Minessota:USA

Long Nguyen:Canberra:Australia:Canberra:Australia

Luc Demanche:Paris:France:Montreal:Canada

Luis Temes:La Coruña:Spain:La Coruña:Spain

Maheshwara Rao:Bedford, MA:USA::INDIA

Mahip Narayan:Stockley Park, London:UK:Stockley Park, London:UK


Mariana Galleri:Buenos Aires:Argentina:Buenos Aires:Argentina


Michael Kline:Richmind, Virginia:USA:Richmind, Virginia:USA

Michael Sun:New York:USA:New York:USA

Mike Lanteigne:Sudbury, Ontario:Canada:Sudbury, Ontario:Canada

Miriam Bryan:Norfolk, VA:USA:Norfolk, VA:USA

Mladen Gogala:Trumbull, CT:USA:Trumbull, CT:USA


Nicholas Tufar:Ankara:Turkey:Ankara:Turkey

Patrice Boivin:Halifax, Nova Scotia:Canada:Ottawa, Ontario:Canada

Praful Thakkar:Boston, Massachusetts:USA:Boston, Massachusetts:USA

Prasada R Gunda:Hartford, CT:USA:Hartford, CT:USA

Priyanka Deswal::India::India

Rachel Carmichael:New York City:USA:New York City:USA


Rajanish Joshi:Pune:India:Pune:India

Rajendra Jamadagni:Bristol CT:USA:Bristol CT:USA

Rajesh Dayal::India::India

Ramazan öcalan:Ankara:Turkey:Ankara:Turkey

Renato Huliganga:Melbourne:Australia:Melbourne:Australia

Richard Ji:New York City:USA:New York City:USA

Rifan Mohammed:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia::Sri Lanka

Rocky Welch:St. Petersburg, Florida:USA:St. Petersburg, Florida:USA

Ruth Gramolini:Plainfield, Vermont:USA:Plainfield, Vermont:USA

Sandeep Kurliye:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia

Scott Canaan:Rochester, New York:USA:Rochester, New York:USA

Scott Shafer:San Antonio, TX:USA:San Antonio, TX:USA


Sean Hull:Manhattan, New York City:USA:Manhattan, New York City:USA

Seth Dunehew:Fort Worth, TX:USA:Fort Worth, TX:USA

Shantanu Talukder:Tulsa, OK:USA:Tulsa, OK:USA

Shawn Ferris:Denver, Colorado:USA:Thornton, Colorado:USA

Shirley Taylor:St. Andrews, New Brunswick:Canada:St. Andrews, New Brunswick:Canada

Sridhar Moparthy:BocaRaton, Florida:USA:HYDERABAD:India

Steve Main:Seattle, WA:USA:Seattle, WA:USA

Steve Orr:Fremont, CA:USA:Fremont, CA:USA

StevenHaas:Farmington, CT:USA:Farmington, CT:USA

Suzy Vordos:Denver, Colorado:USA:Denver, Colorado:USA

Todd McLain:Okinawa:Japan:Wichita, Kansas:USA

Umesh Chander Sharma:New Delhi:India:New Delhi:India

Valerie H Webber:Charlotte, North Carolina:USA:Charlotte, North Carolina:USA

Veera Prasad:Long Island, NY:USA:Long Island, NY:USA

Venugopal V V S:Mumbai:India:Mumbai:India

Vidya Kalyanaraman:Boston, Massachusetts:USA::India

Vikas Choudhary:New Delhi:India:New Delhi:India

Vipul Mukund Shah:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia:Riyadh:Saudi Arabia

Winnie_Liu:Los Angeles, CA:USA:HongKong:China Received on Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:07:46 CDT

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