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Re: Lost Datafile Recovery - Urgen Help Please

From: Chris Royce <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 22:42:32 -0400
Message-Id: <>

THE LAST COLD --- I be sorry about your situation I have ben there !! Ask Tim

"Erroba, iIdefonso N" wrote:

> Listers,
> We have a problem with our test master replication database. It lost one of
> three system tablespace datafile because of a system crash. And to make
> things worst, the lost system datafile had a similar name in a different
> filesystem, and the hot backup script did not handle the duplicate and
> overwrite the backup of the lost datafile with the last datafile with the
> same filename. I think all previous backup is useless to try to recover this
> particular datafile, had the lost datafile been the last file added as
> defined in the controlfile by the file_id, we could have used the backup
> even with the duplicate. One classic example of Murphy's law. We did fixed
> the backup script problem, but was a little bit late in deploying it to this
> box. Still, I tried a recovery by recreating the controlfile excluding the
> missing system datafile, and applied a number of log files, but the "alter
> database open resetlogs" step complained of a missing system tablespace
> datafile. Checked on the ora number, the resolution is to include all system
> datafiles, which is not an option in our case.
> So, I would like to check on the collective knowledge and experience of the
> list to find a less painful fix, before starting on the last recourse which
> is to recreate the database, apply all ddls, reload the data from one of the
> test snapshot sites, define the replication configuration and refresh the
> snapshot groups.
> Environment:
> Sun E10K with Solaris 2.6 and Veritas 3.3.2
> Oracle
> Thanks,
> Jun Erroba
> Oracle DBA
> Emery Worldwide
> Phone: 503-450-5745
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> Author: Erroba, iIdefonso N
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