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RE: Oracle Support Services

From: Maheshwara Rao, L., Teki <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 15:07:28 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Hi All,

Recently, we needed to install on 8.0.6 libraries --- & I did not know how to get these libraries. These libraries are required for making third party software to run on a production environment. In the evening, after having failed to find out how to get the libraries, I raised a tar with a severity level of 2 and in the tar I mentioned that the solution is required by 10 A.M. (EST) next day. Within one hour we got the reply saying that these libraries are available on 8.0.6. The guy wrote that since the Oracle office is closed, he will contact unix guy the next day. (Our env is Solaris 2.7)

Next day I called up hot line. I explained my problem to the technical guy. I could get the technical guy on line within 5 minutes of talking to various levels . The technical guy said that he will get back to me. Within one and half hours, he called back and informed me that we could get the libraries by installing Oracle Intelligent Agents. I did it and we got the application running.

Throughout this experience, I found that Oracle responsiveness is very good as far production problems are concerned. We have silver support.

Maheshwara Rao, L., Teki
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Thanks for the info. IBM's APAR/PTF sounds more or less like Oracle's
"bug database".

FWIW, whenever I've done Oracle upgrades (this is strictly on PC server platforms), I do ask for "hand holding" in the sense that after reading the install docs and release notes, I contact Oracle support, and ask for any/all documents they can unearth that might be relevant to the the platform I'm dealing with (many of them are
"internal" support documents that I guess are only provided to
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