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RE: Autoextend Data files - Pros & Cons

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Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:31:03 -0800
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I held off from using autoextend initially for about the same reasons noted below but finally started using it (except for rollback and temp tablespaces) so I could rest a little easier when I'm "away." My growth is usually pretty linear. Anyway, the only negative side effect for me so far is that my alert that watches for table-won't-be-able-to-take-next-extent (straight out of the manual) starts squawking until the table does need to take that extent and the tablespace extends. I have a junior staff person looking at correcting this problem as a training exercise...anyone have a script? ;)


|> Advantages: you don't have to worry that someone will run a
|> program that
|> will cause a table to extend and it will fail for lack of space
|> Disadvantages: you don't KNOW that they have extended, so you have to
|> monitor it very carefully, because what you REALLY want to know is if the
|> tables are extending quickly so that you can size them better
|That's why I do trending... I capture growth in tables and indexes, and can
|even see the tablespaces. This is usually weekly, and anything that grows
|more than one extent I take a close look at.

|But, as I said before, I'd rather grow it. I've seen some that may extend
|1-2 times a week simply because they don't extend that much at a time and
|they have hundreds of objects. I'd rather resize it for 1-6 months and
|concentrate on the objects and keeping them under control.

|I've got one customer whose table is about to take the last extent, but I
|know that won't happen for 7-8 weeks due to historical patterns. (The table
|has room for 40,954 records and they grew 5,903 last week) That gives me
|time to contemplate splitting it over two drives, and maybe even moving the
|indexes. I've had my eye on this one for almost 2 months now, so I knew
|almost 4 months before it would have become critical.

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