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RE: Temp. segments/extents not being dropped

From: Gopal , Umesh <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 15:43:41 -0400
Message-Id: <>

If the temporary tablespace is defined as temporary SMON would not deallocate the storage space allocated to temporary segements unless forced as u did or when the instance is brought down. If the temporary tablespace is not defined as temporary then smon will clearup the temporary segments that were created after the completion or failure of the sql statement

this is what I have gathered from one of the OCP questions that I came across,

all out there, correct me if I am wrong

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Looking for some information on the following:

We had an incident last week where an Oracle instance ( on NT was running into problems acquiring space for additional extents on the defined temporary tablespace.

While looking at the situation, we discovered that there was just about zero
free space left in the tablespace. There was a whole bunch of extents created and owned by "SYS" and they had some flaky numeric identifier for the segment-name (something like 37.123).

Other processes were failing, being unable to allocate temp space.

We looked around on Metalink, and discovered a note about forcing temporary segments/extents to be cleaned up by performing an "ALTER TABLESPACE TEMP DEFAULT STORAGE (PCTINCREASE 0);"

We executed the statement. Lo and behold, all the segments disappeared, back into
free space.

My guess is that there was a large sort (we do some of those) that failed, and left segments out there. I do not understand why they wouldn't clean up.

Any information?


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