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Re: web development (seeking opinion)

From: Mohammad Shuja <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 23:07:18 +0500
Message-Id: <>

I got your point. Your reply has quite encouraged me to learn Perl. Both perl & java relate to the ever changing INTERNET, and thus both would have a high learning curve for me (being new to web technologies). I don't know where to start from, that's why i posted the questin on the list. But only few people responded. I feel that there are many things in java to learn. I don't know if perl would be easier to start with.

OCP - Application Developer Release 1 & 2 wrote:

> On Wed, 31 May 2000, Mohammad Shuja wrote:
> > popular internet programming language (standard),
> > like which is the case with database (oracle). I got
> > all mixed responses, you suggested Perl + DBI &
> > Apache, and another told ASP & IIS and there is
> > java widely supported by oracle. I tend to go
> Opinions do vary on all these technologies. You have to consider
> performance, and ease of use (installation, development etc), and let's
> not forget that we have to consider religious & evangelical fervor. :-)
> > I try to lean towards the direction where the market
> > is heading. I want to learn somthing that is (or will be)
> > WIDELY popular. I will be starting with java and after some
> Sometimes leaning towards the market, or what's popular will lead you
> towards an inferior product (Windows in all it's wonderous incarnations).
> There's a tradeoff.
> With Perl you can write cross-platform code, though there isn't the robust
> OOP features that Java has. I don't even know if one can make a blanket
> statement and say one is faster than the other in every case.
> I like Perl because it has a grassroots following, and an INCREDIBLE
> number of modules and packages available to do almost anything (1485 is
> the current count...)
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