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Re: Here we go again...OCP

From: Robin Li <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 16:02:23 -0400
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I agree with you. They should do a real practice in the exam.

One of my users who just passed OCP even doesn't know how to do a select on another user's table, and blamed on me that I didn't set up the right SQL*Plus for her.

Robin wrote:
> Chris,
> Haha.. did you ask that OCP DBA to perform that "miracle" publicly? ;->
> I have a friend who is an OCP also, but he did not even know the basic how
> Oracle works! Sometimes I always think that Oracle gives out the
> certification too easy now.. and it just drag down the quality of OCP...
> Maybe they should ask them to recover a database in real in the examination
> and cut the multiple choice questions to half!
> Winnie :)
> "Bowes, Chris" <> on 04/28/2000 09:05:36 AM
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> cc: (bcc: Winnie Liu/HQ/ISC)
> Well, today is a perfect day to beat it some more. After all, it is still
> identifiable... Unfortunately, I have to agree with your assessment. A
> couple years back I was an ear to a debate amongst some DBA's. One
> individual claimed that you could recover a base completely with an export
> and archived log files. He didn't mean restore the base to working order,
> he meant up to and including the last transaction. Run the import, apply
> the log files. After all the SCN's would be different (no I am *NOT*
> making
> this up). He was OCP. It may look nice, but when framed, makes a better
> cup coaster than a measure of what you know.
> --Chris
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> Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 10:11 PM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Hello all, I hate to bring up a topic that's been beaten to death but here
> goes.
> I passed OCP exam on Backup and Recovery this morning. I feel that I
> understand
> the do's and dont's of restore fairly well. However I've never had to do it
> in a
> catastrophic situation. I do not know very much about RMAN. however I
> PASSED. This exam was by no means measuring my ability to restore a
> completely
> hosed database.
> I am wondering now about what OCP is really good for then. I do not have a
> bachelor's degree so I want to complete OCP anyway. It will make job
> hunting in
> Florida with less than one year experience as a DBA a bit easier. Does
> anyone
> else feel that this certification is worthless?
> Thanks
> Lisa
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