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Re:Here we go again...OCP

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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 09:26:29 -0400
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    I would not say it's useless, but on the other hand it is NOT a silver bullet into a new job either. Many years ago I did my first backup & recovery course with Oracle & like you felt very confident that I could get the job done.  That feeling lasted for several months until the first of a few disk drives decided to "throw in the towel". Since then I've had to complete 6 recoveries of a hosed up DB. Each recovery has provided more reassurance that things will be OK, and I'm more confident today than back then. Therefore, although having the OCP certificate is not useless, having a few years of experience with it is much more valuable.

BTW: Piece of advise in the event that you do have a totally hosed up DB. Step #1; take a deep breath & relax for a couple of seconds. Let the adrenaline pass so that you can then think clearly. The hard part of a recovery is finding out what is trashed & what you've got to fix it. For this you need a clear head.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
Vicor Corporation

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Subject: Here we go again...OCP
Date: 4/27/00 6:10 PM

Hello all, I hate to bring up a topic that's been beaten to death but here goes.

I passed OCP exam on Backup and Recovery this morning. I feel that I understand the do's and dont's of restore fairly well. However I've never had to do it in a catastrophic situation. I do not know very much about RMAN. however I STILL PASSED. This exam was by no means measuring my ability to restore a completely hosed database.

I am wondering now about what OCP is really good for then. I do not have a bachelor's degree so I want to complete OCP anyway. It will make job hunting in Florida with less than one year experience as a DBA a bit easier. Does anyone else feel that this certification is worthless?



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