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Re: Re[6]: How to speed up parsing?

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 08:57:21 -0500
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As I remember, the original problem was a view that existed on two different instances on two different machines. Accessing it was fast on one instance and considerably slower on the other. The usual questions were asked about data volumes, system load, view definitions, indexes on the underlying tables, explain plans, etc. The last item I remember was the speculation that the explain plans showed differences possibly because the indexes being used were "equal" in the optimizer's opinion and as a result the first index created was used, and the indexes were not created in the same order on both instances. Extents really should play no part in this discussion. Do I have it right so far? Has the original poster come up with any new info?

Tim Sawmiller
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     Perhaps I'm mistaken, I have not kept the previous e-mails on the
     original question, but as I remember it, the original question used
     the term parse when actually the person was interested in more than
     just parsing (execute/fetch). I seem to remember that the original
     question asked why queries on one instance took longer than on another
     thought-to-be-identical instance.

     The question I've answered below was a follow-up question by someone
     else. It was my intention to answer the question (see text below):

     "This discussion fascinates me just how can having many extents ruin
     performance of your database."

     I understood that question as an opportunity to refer to the problems
     associated with having many extents.

     If I've misunderstood the original question, or the follow-up
     question, sorry for the un-needed response.

     David White

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Subject: Re: Re[4]: How to speed up parsing? Author: ORACLEL (INTERNET.ORACLEL1) at ~SWIFTMAIL Date: 2/12/96 11:42 AM

How is this a factor for the parse phase? Parsing is where the optimizer decides upon the steps that it will take and in what order they will occur.
Wouldn't the number of extents only come into play during the Execute/Fetch stages of a query?

Jeff Weiss

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Subj: Re[4]: How to speed up parsing?

     Perhaps the shortest summary is the one in the Oracle7 Server
     Administrator's Guide, page 8-16

     "*  You can use the estimated size of an individual table to better
     manage the disk space that the table will use. When a table is
     created, you can set appropriate storage parameters and improve I/O
     performance of applications that use the table.
        For example, assume that you estimate the maximum size of a table
     before creating it. If you then set the storage parameters when
     you create the table, fewer extents will be allocated for the table's
     data segment, and all of the table's data will be stored in a
     relatively contiguous section of disk space; this decreases the time
     necessary for disk I/O operations involving this table."

     In my application, I don't worry until the number of exents exceeds
     Your milage may vary...

David White

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Author: TIM (INTERNET.TIM4) at ~SWIFTMAIL Date: 2/8/96 5:03 PM

In your message dated Thursday 1, February 1996 you wrote :

> Just double-checked, and all tables are in 1 or 2 extents at most.
> Jeff
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> Subj:   Re[2]: How to speed up parsing?
>      One more question for you:
>         On a table by table, index by index basis, do the number of extents
>      used match? (Hopefully at a number close to 1).
>         It's easy to get different initial/next extents if your exports
>      were made a different dates. This assumes you used compress=y in the
>      export. Having many extents, as you probably know, can ruin
>      performance.
>      David White

  This discussion fascinates me just how can having many extents ruin performance of your database.

  Please explain.

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