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Positions Available

From: Jack Fairservice <JFAIRSER_at_VDH.BITNET>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 11:13:05 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Thrive on Challenges? Highly Skilled Computer professional? Exciting job opportunities available in The Office of Information Systems located at Main Street Station in historic downtown Richmond. Become a vital part of a large distributed client/server network providing service to health departments throughout Virginia.

Computer Systems Senior Engineer (3 positions) Position #08346-As the agency security officer, develops and implements all data security policies, monitors for security breaches, authorizes access and serves as audit contact. Considerable working knowledge of database security, methodologies and operating systems in a network environment; general knowledge of multiple operating systems and vulnerabilities required. Ability to access, develop and take corrective action to resolve security problems. Experience in installing and maintaining virus protection programs required. Prefer CISA/CISSP certification and considerable work experience in network security for complex systems.

Position #04843 & #08343-As the Senior technical specialists for the Unix Host System, monitors system performance, design script files for utility functions, and ensures successful operation of asyncronous line communications. Job requires considerable knowledge of Unix systems, LAN configuration and maintenance utilizing Novell or Microsoft Windows NT. Maintenance experience expected on ATT systems platform 3500 or higher. Demonstrated ability to operate communication equipment (DSU/CSU routers with Cisco preferred, communications servers lattis hubs) in a wide area network using Internet protocol. Considerable experience on ATT systems, platform work experience with Unix, script file to include C-shell and Korn shell. May frequently work outside of normal business hours.

Database Analyst (2 positions*)
Position #08344 is responsible for maintaining the agency's physical database; determines space availability, and evaluates modification proposals. The successful candidate will demonstrate working knowledge of physical database maintenance to include performance monitoring, tuning assessment of space availability, core requirements and disk usage. Unix operating system experience, Unix shell programming language required. Experience with Oracle backup and recovery methodology.

Position #08347, as the logical Database Analyst, modifies the logical database to develop a truly integrated data system capable of sharing data across agencies, programs, and states. Demonstrated knowledge of relational design, working knowledge of SQL, forms, reports required. Experience with application and system design.
* Both positions require demonstrated knowledge of Oracle RDBMS version 6.0 or higher , with C programming language preferred.

Application Deadline: 2/16/96, Salary to upper $50K Interested applicants should submit a state application
Virginia Department of Health
1500 East Main Street
P.O. Box 2448 Received on Sat Feb 03 1996 - 11:27:17 CST

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