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Agenda for Sacramento Ora User Grp 1/19

From: Mari Cobb <maricobb_at_IX.NETCOM.COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 18:42:35 -0800
Message-Id: <>

Anyone is invited; here is the agenda:

                    Agenda for NEW SACRAMENTO ORACLE USER GROUP

               Open and free to anyone interested in Oracle products

                   Pass this on to others who may be interested

            Reorganized by: Mari Cobb,, 441-1919
                     and Linda Cook,,  737-1441

                            Friday, January 19, 1996
            California Department of Consumer Affairs Board Hearin Room
                                 400 R Street
                      Exit east on Q Street exit of I-5
                           Turn right on 4th Street
                Parking garage one block south, on 4th and R Streets

1:00 - 1:30     Socializing, tAsk the experts tablev.  Bring questions to
the experts. Experts: please notify Linda or Mari of your expertise and your willingness to serve at the table.

Sign in so that we may build a mailing-list.

1:30 - 1:45 General business. Introductions. When and how often should we meet? Desired topics? Our next meeting will be an Internet/CompuServe demo on how to find answers to Oracle-related questions. Call for presenters.

1:45 - 3:00 Designer/2000 live demo. Extensive demo of Designer/2000 capabilities, demo-ing 'soup to forms' features. Demo of the Process Modeller, the E/R Diagrammer, the Functional Hierarchy Diagrammer, the Wizards and the generators.

3:00 on Questions and answers.

              Presented by Jeff Jacobs. Jeff is a leading expert in Oracle CASE, with over 20 years of industry consulting experience. He is a former Senior Principal CASE instructor and consultant with Oracle Corporation. He is President of the Oracle CASE SIG, a member of Independent Oracle Consultants Alliance (IOCA) and the Oracle Business Alliance Programme (BAP). He has presented at IOUW, ECO, CODA, NoCOUG and numerous user group meetings. He is a certified Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 Ambassador and serves as a sysop of the Oracle UserFs Forum on CompuServe (GO ORAUSER). Received on Tue Jan 09 1996 - 22:00:43 CST

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