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Re: Dev 2000 running from a net

From: Patrick Housholder <HOUSHOLD_at_UALFLTCTR.COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 08:55:27 -0600
Message-Id: <>

>Hello all,
>I'm considering installing developer 2000 to run from a network, that
>is, I will install the ORAWIN directory to a server DOS partition and
>then just copy the files that belong to the windows/system direcory
>to each user machine. I would prefere this method to installing the
>whole shebang to each and every user machine and set the environment
>variable to point to ORAWIN directory location. Does any one have
>experience doing this? Is there any other way?
>I havn't tried this yet, but I cannot think of any reason why it
>should not work (unless Oracle has hard-coded something to prevent
>this).. also, my network is under used (yes, I know, I'm fortunate :)

To answer your questions:

        >Does any one have experience doing this? Is there any other way?
        Answer Yes and Yes.

I'm using Novell 3.11, Oracle 7.0.16.x, Forms and Reports

At first, I had installed the runtimes to the network and manipulated ORACLE.INI
on each pc to indicate the correct DRIVE letters for Oracle HOME. Well, this can
and will work. But, then some of the users told me that it TOOK FOREVER to
load Oracle F45RUN.EXE ( or R25RUN.EXE ). make a long story short,
if your network it connected to "other" networks..via backbones..routers..hubs..etc,
this can affect your end users loading of the tools from the network because of the TRAFFIC on those
"other" networks. And I don't care how many SMART hubs..routers you can play a major
role on your network.

As of now, I have started to install the the running times to my network and then from there
DOWNLOAD the ORAWIN dir to the end user PC. Of course, this will causes me tons of
problems for UPGRADING the oracle tools. Going around to each end user PC and download
the tools not my way of having fun.

>From the looks of it, Oracle Dev2K / Release 1.2, has a new tool to help
administrate the
tools from the NETWORK. Allows the end user to USE the tools from the network or allows you
to DOWNLOAD the tools to their PC. I haven't use it yet..but..I will be looking into
very soon. Now comes the problems with some of my users are installing Win 95...Win NT..etc..sheesss....
just onces I wish I could wear only ONE hat..ha..but then I would bitch about just wear one hat..hahaha!

Anyway..I hope all out there in the ORACLE-L land had a good Xmas or Hanukkah..or just a good "timeoff".

Get ready for a New Year..Oracle lite..Oracle 8...Forms 5..objects..


  Patrick Housholder
  United Airlines Flight Training Center TK-71   32nd and Quebec Street
  Denver, CO 80207
  "My views not United's"
Received on Thu Dec 28 1995 - 12:43:16 CST

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