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1247 error when running jsp on reports server [message #273463] Wed, 10 October 2007 09:57
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I have a rather frustrating problem on our production servers...

We are trying to start jsp files on a linux report server (10Gr2).

The command is displayed below

[2007/10/8 10:57:59:853] Info 50132 (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Get command line: baseUrl=http://xxx:7777/reports/rwservlet/getfile/ userid=reporting@SHARED_BE USER_AGENT=Java/1.5.0_07 SERVER_NAME=xxxxxxxxx jobname="/opt/ogreports/catalog/SMC/BE-Shared/xxxx.jsp" destpath="/var/data/og/dashboard/van/sgs/001/reports/xx" getFilestr=/no> imagekey=reports9i par_end_date="01-10-2007" desname=xxxxxxxxxxx.pdf REMOTE_ADDR= SERVER_PROTOCOL=HTTP/1.1 authid=RWUser par_start_date="01-09-2007" destype=rcpfile REMOTE_HOST= SERVER_PORT=7777 CONTENT_TYPE=application/x-www-form-urlencoded report="/opt/ogreports/catalog/SMC/BE-Shared/xxx.jsp" expiredays=0 baseimageurl=http://xxxxx:7777/reports/rwservlet/getfile/HW/YX+JkD0HSAcVLzaSGilrWNAn36ufghgStsvQqfNFC7w== schedule="00:00 Oct 08, 2007" scphost="lion" desformat=pdf SCRIPT_NAME=/rwservlet par_id_project="1750"

The after paramform does some major data manipulations, writing to temporary tables (on commit preserve rows), that are used in queries from the reports.
This seems to go allright. The setup of all queries, program units etc passes as well. But when the report has to start formatting, I get a "1247 Program Unit not compiled" error message. This is an excerpt from the engine trace

[2007/10/8 11:40:40:243] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:getCacheData): Start
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:243] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:getCacheData): m_jobId = 9182
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:244] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:getCacheData): Quit
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:534] Error 50103 (C Engine): 10:40:40 ERR REP-1247: Report contains uncompiled PL/SQL.
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:535] Error 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtprint): 10:40:40 ERR Error occurred sending Job output to cache
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:536] Error 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtfl_FreeDistList): running
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:536] Error 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtfl_FreeDistList): quit
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:580] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:run): CRunReport returns: 1247
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:608] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:run): Quit
[2007/10/8 11:40:40:699] Exception 1247 (): Report contains uncompiled PL/SQL.

oracle.reports.RWException: IDL:oracle/reports/RWException:1.0
at oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl.run(EngineImpl.java:447)
at oracle.reports.engine._EngineClassImplBase._invoke(_EngineClassImplBase.java:90)
at com.sun.corba.se.internal.corba.ServerDelegate.dispatch(ServerDelegate.java:353)
at com.sun.corba.se.internal.iiop.ORB.process(ORB.java:280)
at com.sun.corba.se.internal.iiop.RequestProcessor.process(RequestProcessor.java:81)
at com.sun.corba.se.internal.orbutil.ThreadPool$PooledThread.run(ThreadPool.java:106)

I know that 1247 normally covers up another error, but I don't seem to get it....

Funny thing is, when copying the jsp's to another reports server, they do run (on the same DB).

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