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hi all,

what is the firing sequence of triggers in forms at different levels(module,block and item)??how can we reverse or change (precisely) the sequence???
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hope this helps...

Q) What are the types of triggers and what is sequence of firing ?
Triggers can be classified as Key Triggers, Mouse Triggers, Navigational Triggers,

1. Key Triggers: Key Triggers are fired as a result of Key action.
a) Key-next-Item: Tab or Enter.
b) Key-ExeQry: F8
c) Key-NxtBlk: Shift F5
d) Key-Commit: F10

2. Action Trigger: Trigger that get executed due to user interaction are called Action Triggers. action triggers are associated with specific objects.
a) When-Button-Pressed: Pressing a button.
b) When-CheckBox-Changed: Clicking a check box.
c) When-Image-Pressed: Clicking the image.
d) When-List-Changed: A List item is selected.
e) When-Radio-Changed: Clicking on a Radio Button.
f) When-Window-Activated: When focus is on a specific whindow.
g) When-Window-Closed- When a window is closed.

3. Mouse Triggers: Mouse Triggers are fired as a result of the mouse navigation.
a) When-Mouse-Click
b) When-Mouse-DoubleClick
c) When-Mouse-Down
d) When-Mouse-Enter
e) When-Mouse-Leave
f) When-Mouse-Move
g) When-Mouse-Up

4. Navigational Triggers: These Triggers are fired as a result of Navigation. for example when the cursor navigates out of a text item to another text item the Post-Text-Item trigger for the current text item and Pre-Text-Item trigger for the next text item it moves to will both fire
in sequence.

1 Pre-Text-Item and Post-Text-item.
2. When-New-Instance.

We cannot call restricted procedures like go_to('my_block.first_item') in the Navigational
triggers but can use them in the Key-next-item.
The Difference between Key-next and Post-Text is an very important question. The key-next is
fired as a result of the key action while the post text is fired as a result of the
mouse movement. Key next will not fire unless there is a key event.

Example(1) The sequence of firing in a text item are as follows:
a) pre-text-item
b) when-new-item-instance
c) key-next-item
d) when-validate-item
e) post-text-item

Example(2) If there are two text items in a block, say text1 and text2. If the focus is on text2 and user moves the cursor to text1 by doing shift tab, then which triggers will fire? In what order?
a) Key-Prev-item
b) When-validate-item
c) post-text-item
d) Pre-text-item
e) When-new-item-instance

Example(3) As soon as form open in the memory, a series of navigational triggers are executed.
The sequence of trigger that fire when a form is invoked are as follows-
1. Pre-Form
2. Pre-Block
3. Pre-Record
4. Pre-Text-Item
5. When-New-Form-Instance
6. When-New-Block-Instance
7. When-New-Record-Instance
8. When-New-Item-Instance
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Thanks Buddy the info u provided me is of great help. thanks a trillion. Laughing
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