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HOW TO CLEAN UP RMAN CATALOG repository to free up space in TIVOLI [message #188302] Thu, 17 August 2006 19:31
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Hi all,

Starting on a new job where tehre is hardly any documentatioin at all is hardly ideal, but on my new job in a new company, backups of RMAN-TIVOLI are often running out of space and I suspect that there may be some old records in my RMAN repository that are not flagging the backup history in TIVOLI as obsolete or expired and thus not allowing them to be overwritten by TIVOLI and had stayed there forever.

I have 2 RMAN repositories, ORACLE8 and ORACLE10. Since I cannot find any RMAN commands that list what current database/s are registered on my repository. As suggested by someone in the forum, I did a query on the RC_DATABASE instead.


SQL> select dbid, name, resetlogs_time from rc_database;

---------- -------- --------------------
3226173629 MYDB 16-JUL-2004 16:40:29
3226775477 MYDB 23-JUL-2004 15:51:17
3234555138 MYDB 20-OCT-2004 16:52:18


SQL> select dbid, name, resetlogs_time from rc_database;

---------- -------- --------------------
3234555138 MYDB 10-MAR-2006 15:40:30
2226432294 MYDB 06-AUG-2006 08:07:39

Due to company policy, I rename the result set and replace the name of the database as MYDB.

I am assuming that the result set I get is a list of databases that the RMAN repository is aware of and maintaining the backups for. If this is the case, as you can see, the latest registered MYDB that I am interested with is the one ORACLE10, 2226432294 MYDB 06-AUG-2006 08:07:39, and I want to de-register or unregister the rest.

Can someone tell me how to de-register the old ones? I vaguely remember that it is RMAN>unregister [DBID] or is that unregister [DBNAME]? Can I check if there are existing backups for these other registered databases before I unregister them? Not that I want to jeep them since they are long way old already but I want to check if they will be removed after I unregister the database or whether I have to do a crosscheck afterward. The RMAN>LIST BACKUP only list for the current target database that you are connected to so how can I do a LIST BACKUP for a database that is of a different [DBID].

My assumption is if a database of the same name has a new [DBID], RMAN does not do an automatic "crosscheck" and delete or expired the backups from when the database is on its previous DBID and if my assumption is true, then that is the one causing TIVOLI to think that the old backups on the old [DBID] cannot be overwritten yet because I never unregister the database. Thus the space that TIVOLI could have used are now never over-written unless I unregister those databases having old DBIDs.

I have another database that is doing RMAN backup with NOCATALOG, i.e. using the control file as the catalog. In that scenario, how do I query the RMAN metadata or can someone tell me what are the V$ views to query if I am doing RMAN backups as NOCATALOG.

The SAP-BRTOOLS-RMAN backup is not using a catalog because no one knows how to do SAP-BRTOOLS-RMAN backup using a CATALOG. If someone on this forum managed to be able to do so, please provide me with the steps on how you are able to do so.

Thanks in advance.

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