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tuning SQL [message #166441] Thu, 06 April 2006 05:32
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voici un SQL

SELECT d.objectid, r.calcvalrescoid, r.expdatetim, NULL, -6, 0, r.exrnqymfprec,
r.exrnqymfumobjid, 0, -6, NULL, s.schedulepm, s.scheduleschednum, s.
schedulerlsnum, s.schedulebatchnum, r.calcvalrescsite, r.objectid, r.
parentobjectid, r.rescsubst, r.identftr, r.identftrprec, r.rescusage, r.
resctype, r.sucuum, r.genresc, r.calcvaldensfctr, r.calcvaldnfctrpr, r.
calcvalpotent, r.calcvaldualtrack, d.objectid, d.scalingmthd, d.
shrinkage, d.shrinkageprec, g.parentobjectid, r.origrescobjectid, d.
primeschpmobjectid, d.genrescobjectid, r.exrnqymf, r.exrnqymfprec,
r.exrnqymfumobjid, r.actrnmfg, r.actrnmfgprec, r.actrnmfgumobjid, 0, -6,
r.ernrnmfgumobjid, r.calcvalprimqty, r.calcvalprimqtypre, r.
calcvalpqtumoid, 0, -6, NULL, 0, -6, NULL, 0, -6, NULL, r.calcvalaltqty,
r.calcvalaltqtyprec, r.calcvalaqtyumoid, r.stpmajqty, r.stpmajqtyprec,
r.stpmajqtyumobjid, r.stpminqty, r.stpminqtyprec, r.stpminqtyumobjid, r.
stpbudgqty, r.stpbudgqtyprec, r.stpbudgqtyumobjid, r.clnpmajqty, r.
clnpmajqtyprec, r.clnpmajqtyumobjid, r.clnpminqty, r.clnpminqtyprec, r.
clnpminqtyumobjid, r.clnpbudqty, r.clnpbudqtyprec, r.clnpbudqtyumobjid,
0, '', d.mfgumobjectid
FROM refer.smschedule s, refer.smresc r, refer.smstage g, refer.cpschwk w,
refer.smnonbalconsres d
WHERE d.parentobjectid = r.objectid
AND r.parentobjectid = g.objectid
AND g.parentobjectid = w.schedobjid
AND w.schedobjid = s.objectid
AND NOT r.origrescobjectid IS NULL
AND w.extractdbname = 'STGRES1'

je n'arrive pas a creer des index pour optimiser cette requete.
En sachant que je n'ai pas la main sur le SQL.

Merci d'avance

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