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I am using oracle 9.2,

I have a package, where depending on a particular case i get the procedure name from some table.
After which I need to execute that procedure passing certain values. Also there is an out argument of type refcursor.

I am using the following statemnt

sql_str := 'begin ' || l_procName||'('||arg1||','||arg2||','||arg3||','||arg4||',NULL,NULL,NULL,my_refcur); end;';

and then using


when i execute this package ..i get the follwing message and i am disconnected from oracle
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

However, when instead of passing it in sql string and doing an execute immediate, if i just call some procedure say


it executes. without disconencting from oracle.

ANy clues?? Could I pass the name of the procedure as an expression?

Thnx for your time,
Re: execute immediate [message #134095 is a reply to message #134089] Tue, 23 August 2005 10:09 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I quite doubt you need EXECUTE IMMEDIATE for use,
but the correct syntax would be:

SQL> create or replace procedure 
  2  get_me_cursor(
  3   arg1 in varchar2, 
  4   arg2 in number, 
  5   arg3 in out sys_refcursor
  6  )
  7  is
  8  begin
  9   open arg3 for select 1 as a from dual;
 10  end;
 11  /

Procedure created.

SQL> declare
  2   a sys_refcursor;
  3   v number := null;
  4  begin
  5   execute immediate 'begin get_me_cursor(:1,:2,:3); end;' using 'a', v , in out a;
  6   fetch a into v;
  7   dbms_output.put_line(v);
  8   close a;
  9  end;
 10  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.04

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The example you showed is essentially the same thing I am doing, but I am getting the same error as the original poster. You say that you doubt that EXECUTE IMMEDIATE is needed for use. Can you suggest another way to select and call a procedure dynamically?
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Just because you can build "code" within a PL/SQL procedure, does NOT mean it is good practice to do so.
In fact, I wish Oracle never had created such a monster.
IMO, it make programmers lazy.
If you don't know what procedure to call until during runtime,
I contend you have a flawed design.
Why can't you use IF .. THEN .. ELSE or CASE & have the procedures calls coded in advance?
Re: execute immediate [message #258324 is a reply to message #134089] Sat, 11 August 2007 00:37 Go to previous message
Michel Cadot
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3113 almost always means Oracle bug.
Post you full version (4 decimals), upgrade to the last patchset, search on Metalink, call Oracle support are your options.

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