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Report Triggers in D2K [message #89788] Sat, 24 July 2004 21:03 Go to next message
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I realize we've got several triggers in Reports viz.

Before Parameter Form Report, After Parameter Form report,

After Report,Before Report and Between Pages.....

Could anyone mention the sequence in which they fire......

and if possible maybe post in an example for each...

I would appreciate an immediate reply...

Thanx in Advance..
Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #89790 is a reply to message #89788] Mon, 26 July 2004 00:44 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Sequence of Firing Triggers:
1.Before-Parameter Form -- Just before Parameter Form of the report is called.
2.After-Parameter-Form -- After Display of Parameter form.
3.Before-Report --- Just after the report issues the query & before it fetches record.
4.Between-Pages --- When user scrolls from one page to another.
5.After report -- After closing of the report.

Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #90106 is a reply to message #89790] Thu, 28 October 2004 22:04 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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How to Refresh my report without pressing refresh button

Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #90174 is a reply to message #89788] Fri, 26 November 2004 19:43 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Tell me am confusing about report triggers What is the and when these triggers are useful.
Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #109522 is a reply to message #89788] Fri, 25 February 2005 01:52 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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The firing sequence is:
before parameter,
after parameter,
befort report,
between pages,
after report.

I want to know about lexical parameters,summary colums,formula colums.if u know please send mail
with excumples.
Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #111372 is a reply to message #109522] Tue, 15 March 2005 17:19 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Kalpana Srinivas
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Lexical references are placeholders for text that you embed in a SELECT statement. You can use lexical references to replace the clauses appearing after SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING, CONNECT BY, and START WITH.You cannot make lexical references in a PL/SQL statement.

You create a lexical reference by entering an ampersand (&) followed immediately by the column or parameter name. A default definition is not provided for lexical references. Therefore, you must do the following:

1. Before you create your query, define a column or parameter in the data model for each lexical reference in the query. For columns, you must enter Value if Null, and, for parameters, you must enter Initial Value. Report Builder uses these values to validate a query with a lexical reference.

2. Create your query containing lexical references.

SELECT Clause:

P_ENAME, P_EMPNO, and P_JOB can be used to change the columns selected at runtime.

FROM Clause:

summary columns:
A summary column performs a computation on another column's data. Using the Report Wizard or Data Wizard, you can create the following summaries: sum, average, count, minimum, maximum, % total. You can also create a summary column manually in the Data Model view, and use the Property Palette to create the following additional summaries: first, last, standard deviation, variance.

Formula columns:
A formula column performs a user-defined computation on another column(s) data, including placeholder columns.
ex: create dept report based on dept table.
in data model, place one formula column in group (after loc field). in properties of that formula column, click on pl/sql formula and write as

function CF_1Formula return Number is
x number;
select count(empno) into x from emp
where deptno = :deptno1;

in layout editor place a text item in repating frame (next to loc field). in properties of that field select 'source' as 'cf_1' (whatever your formla column name is).

run the report. you can see no. of employyes in the report.


let me know if you clear about your doubts.

Re: Report Triggers in D2K [message #222936 is a reply to message #89788] Wed, 07 March 2007 00:29 Go to previous message
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Sir !

i want to pass parameter from report on trigger of
(Befor Report) as following

return (TRUE);

but there is error and report does,nt accept parameter.
please solve my problem thanks.
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