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How Oracle9i Form Builder interact with Html waebpage?? [message #607359] Wed, 05 February 2014 02:20
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I created a form called read_web_file.fmb

this form has

a- block called METAR_BLOCK under which a text item called metar_code with initial values airport code (OLBA, LCLK )

b- block called Button under which a button PASS_VAUES is created.

My question is:

I am looking for a trigger (procedure, function, or package, .....) that may be written under the PASS_VALUE button in read_web_file.fmb so that, when it is fired tow events consequently will be achieved:
a- passing values form metar_code text_item (olba lclk....) found in read_web_file.fmb to metar text_item found in metar_taf.html
b- run the script written on the button submitmet (found in the metar_taf.html)


1) the script written on submitted button(found in the metar_taf.html) when clicked, generates a new html file that contains all airport code messages for (olba lclk....)

2) this is a part of view source code for metar_taf.html page:


<LI>Latest METAR text: Enter 4-letter ICAO station identifier. If more

<B> KDEN KCOS @WY</B>). A list of weather stations is

<A HREF="/static/adds/metars/stations.txt">stations.txt</A>.<BR>

<TABLE SUMMARY="This table is used for formatting purposes only" ALIGN="left" BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=3>


<TD ALIGN="left"><INPUT SIZE=14 NAME="station_ids" TYPE="text">   


<TD ALIGN="left"><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="std_trans" VALUE="standard" CHECKED> Raw Format<BR>

<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="std_trans" VALUE="translated"> Translated





<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="chk_metars" checked> METARs   

<SELECT name="hoursStr">

<OPTION SELECTED>most recent only</OPTION>

<OPTION>past 1 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 2 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 3 hours</OPTION>

<OPTION>past 5 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 6 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 12 hours</OPTION>

<OPTION>past 18 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 24 hours</OPTION><OPTION>past 36 hours</OPTION>


<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="chk_tafs"> TAFs<BR>


<INPUT NAME="submitmet" TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit"> <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset FORM"></FORM>

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