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This is Sudhrshan S can u send me few interview questions might it will work for me

Sudhrshan S
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dear sudharshan, what type of questions you want , put it on the forum as new case you will find response, there is one site which provided interview question its geekinterview.com try on that.
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Michel Cadot
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You can find an infinite number of interview questions on the web, just use Google.

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There's actually a set here on ORAFaq: http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/Interview_Questions

However, there's are several inherent problems with using lists of interview questions to prepare for an interview. The root of them is that generally the only candidates that use them are people who don't really know enough about Oracle to be applying for the position. I've been working with Oracle for seventeen years. I don't know everything about it. There are certainly questions that someone could ask in an interview that I wouldn't be able to answer without looking at a manual. I don't really worry about that because I'm confident of my ability to demonstrate that I am knowledgeable.

If you memorize a bunch of Question-Answer combinations from an interview list, you might gain a surface veneer of Oracle knowledge, but it will be paper-thin. Almost any follow-on question will trip you up. Take one of the questions from the OraFAQ list:

Q: What background process refreshes materialized views?
A: Job Queue Process (CJQ)

This falls into the 'very nearly useless' category of information. It's useful as a DBA to know the Oracle architecture and where background processes fit in. You should certainly know what the big players are and what they do: PMON, SMON, DBWR, ARCH. However, memorizing the names of the bit players is definitely secondary information. That said, if a candidate were able to answer the above question, and then I were to ask some followup questions like:

What is the difference between a view and a materialized view?
What is a fast refresh?
What are the tradeoffs involved in using materialized views?

Knowing the answers to the three questions above is much more inherently useful than the first question. If I have a candidate that can answer the first, but not these, then I'm certainly going to suspect they have been using lists like this to conceal their lack of Oracle knowledge.

As Michel said, the internet contains huge numbers of these lists, and books on the subject are common. However, be aware that if you prepare for an interview using Oracle Interview Answers for Dummies, you'd better hope that the person running the interview is working directly from their copy of Idiot's Guide to Interviewing Oracle Professionals.
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Michel Cadot
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Very good post, Matthew, I hope many that ask for these lists will read and take profit of it.

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