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Test Case

outlet desciption sum(2008) sum(2009)
1 shoe 11 22
1 shirt 33 44
1 sandal 55 66
2 shoe 77 77
2 shirt 88 89
2 sandal 99 96

below code

SELECT sls.outlet  ,prefc.description,
   SUM(case when sls.docdt BETWEEN TO_DATE('01-JAN-2008','DD-MON-YYYY') AND TO_DATE('31-OCT-2008','DD-MON-YYYY')
          then slsd.amt1
          else 0 end) "2008_data",
 SUM(case when sls.docdt BETWEEN TO_DATE('01-JAN-2009','DD-MON-YYYY')
               AND TO_DATE('31-OCT-2009','DD-MON-YYYY')
          then slsd.amt1
          else 0 end) "2009_data"
  FROM sls_head sls          ,
 sls_detail slsd             ,
 prodfle pf                  ,
 prodref pref                ,
 prodref_classification prefc,
 customer c                  ,
 ctypes ct
 WHERE sls.docno=slsd.docno
AND sls.outlet    =slsd.outlet
AND sls.docdt    =slsd.docdt
AND sls.tc       =slsd.tc
AND sls.docdt BETWEEN TO_DATE('01-JAN-2008','DD-MON-YYYY') AND TO_DATE('31-OCT-2009','DD-MON-YYYY')
AND slsd.prodcd            =pf.prodcd
AND pf.refcode             =pref.refcode
AND pf.class_code          =prefc.class_code
AND c.outlet                =sls.outlet
AND c.cusno                =sls.cusno
AND c.custype              =ct.code
--AND prefc.refcode         IN ('A')
and prefc.class_code in ('AA','AB','AC')
GROUP BY sls.outlet,

there s other descriptions called

AD trousers
AE Tie

and all these(AA AB AC AD AE) descriptions comes under Refcode 'A'.

And i wants to find the sum of all ie., total

I wanna show the data like following..
Test case for that

outlet 'total_prod' sum_08(AA+AB+AC+AD+AE) sum_09(AA+AB+AC+AD+AE)

1 total_prod sum_08(AA+AB+AC+AD+AE) sum_09(AA+AB+AC+AD+AE)
2 total_prod sum_08(shoe+shirt+sandal) sum_09(shoe+shirt+sandal)
3 total_prod sum_08(shoe+shirt+sandal) sum_09(shoe+shirt+sandal)

Please help me to write code since am facing problems..

And using the same tables which i used in the above code..

Thanks Seyed
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Michel Cadot
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A test case include CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements.
A specification include a description of what should be the result with words.

So both of them and the result you want with the data you provide.

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I'd probably do that by using your current query as an inline view, and doing something like
SELECT outlet
      ,sum(case when description in ('AA','AB','AC','AD','AE') then 2008_DATA else 0 end)
      ,sum(case when description in ('shoe','shirt','sandal' then 2008_data else 0 end)
FROM (...) 

Also never use lower case double quoted column names (like "2008_data") - it's a huge amount of hassle in the long run. Just call the column DATA_2008.
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