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Converted Forms and Reports from 6i to 10g, but... [message #424935] Tue, 06 October 2009 11:02 Go to next message
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I just completed converting 6i Forms and Reports to 10g, but am having some issues. I have used this forum in the past which helped me fix some issues and thought I would ask about my new issue here.

Here is what I did:

I installed a new Oracle database and installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g and went through each form and report to convert and recomiple the source. I started up the application and am able to get into the app, but am getting a couple issues.

On one form I have a button that calls a report to be printed, here are the sources:

When the button is pressed it fires the first trigger, then
call_local_report; then print_local_current_tce;

alert_button number;
if :tce_version_num is null then
show_message('ERROR...Cannot print without a TCE #. Commit the record.', alert_button);
raise form_trigger_failure;
if :amendment_letter = 'Orig' and :tce_version_num = '0' then
:tce_print_type := 'Original';
:tce_print_type := 'Current TCE';
end if;
-- set_version_type(:tce_version_num);
alert_button := show_alert('LOCAL_OR_REMOTE');
if alert_button = ALERT_BUTTON1 then /* local */
elsif alert_button = ALERT_BUTTON2 then
alert_button := show_alert('PRINTER_OR_FILE');
if alert_button = ALERT_BUTTON1 then /*printer */
end if;
if alert_button = ALERT_BUTTON2 then
end if;
end if;
end if;

PROCEDURE call_local_report IS
alert_button number;
no_data boolean := FALSE;

if :tce_print_type = 'Current TCE' then
:prev_tce_seq := previous_tce_seq(:tce.wad_seq, :tce.tce_seq, no_data);
if no_data then
show_message('ERROR...Cant find previous TCE', alert_button);
raise form_trigger_failure;
end if;
:tce_print_type := 'Previous TCE';
:tce_print_type := 'Changes to Last Approved TCE';
end if;

PROCEDURE print_local_current_tce IS
list_id paramlist;
alert_button number;

/* Run Report for Current TCE */
list_id := Get_Parameter_list('input_params');
if not id_null(list_id) then
end if;
list_id := create_parameter_list('input_params');
add_parameter (list_id, 'ARRAYSIZE', text_parameter, '100');
add_parameter (list_id, 'PARAMFORM', text_parameter, 'NO');
--add_parameter (list_id, 'DESTYPE', text_parameter, 'PRINTER');
add_parameter (list_id, 'P_TCE_SEQ', text_parameter, :TCE.TCE_SEQ );
add_parameter (list_id, 'P_TCE_PRINT_TYPE', text_parameter, :TCE_PRINT_TYPE);
list_id := Get_Parameter_list('input_params');
if id_null(list_id) then
show_message('ERROR..no parameter list found', alert_button);
end if;
rp2rro.rp2rro_run_product (reports, '', synchronous, runtime, filesystem, list_id,null);

I get the alert box asking if I want to print local or remote and I choose local and then nothing happens.

Also on the reports I get the following error:

FRM-40735: ON-ERROR trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06508

Note, this is not my code, I am halping out a project that their developer left without documentation or anything.

I appreicate any help!

Daniel Vigil
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Well ORA-06508 is:
PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called

So you need to identify which procedure/function it's complaining about and then work out what happened to it.

If you're struggling to identify the line of code responsible add some messages.
Re: Converted Forms and Reports from 6i to 10g, but... [message #426807 is a reply to message #424935] Mon, 19 October 2009 18:27 Go to previous message
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