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External procedure error [message #423722] Sun, 27 September 2009 06:52 Go to next message
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Hi all,

I am getting the following error when calling one of the external procedure using a oracle library.

"ORA-06525 Length Mismatch for CHAR or RAW data"

any idea about the issue?
Re: External procedure error [message #423724 is a reply to message #423722] Sun, 27 September 2009 06:59 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Though i got the following information

but stilll not able to rectify...

ORA-06525: Length Mismatch for CHAR or RAW data
Cause: The length specified in the length variable has an illegal value. This can happen if you have requested requested a PL/SQL INOUT, OUT or RETURN raw variable to be passed as a RAW with no corresponding length variable. This error can also happen if there is a mismatch in the length value set in the length variable and the length in the orlvstr or orlraw.

Action: Correct the external procedure code and set the length variable correctly.

[Updated on: Sun, 27 September 2009 07:00]

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Well. You have to correct the external procedure code.

We can't see that, nor can we see which code you actually use to call it. Nobody here is a remote-mind-reader, you know.
Re: External procedure error [message #423728 is a reply to message #423726] Sun, 27 September 2009 08:48 Go to previous message
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I was intended to get the genernal idea about the issue.

Anyway just see the code below for external program

void mq_LongRead (OCIExtProcContext *with_context,long p_inqueuehandle,
                 long p_inobjhandle,unsigned char *p_outmessage,
                 long *p_outmessage_len, long *p_outmessage_maxlen,
                 int *p_outerrcode,char *p_outerrmsg)
  FILE *fp;
  int retval;
  long i;

    CompCode = OpenCode;       /* use MQOPEN result for initial test  */

    /*   Get messages from the message queue                          */
    /*   Using Commit and RollBack for transaction                    */

     buflen = sizeof(char_buffer) - 1; /* buffer size can be changed at top  */
     memcpy(md.MsgId, MQMI_NONE, sizeof(md.MsgId));
     memcpy(md.CorrelId, MQCI_NONE, sizeof(md.CorrelId));
                  MQFMT_STRING, (size_t)MQ_FORMAT_LENGTH);

     md.Encoding       = MQENC_NATIVE;
     md.CodedCharSetId = MQCCSI_Q_MGR;

     gmo.Options = MQGMO_WAIT
                        + MQGMO_CONVERT ;

     /*      Read from MQM                                               */
     MQGET(Hcon,                /* connection handle                 */
           Hobj,                /* object handle                     */
           &md,                 /* message descriptor                */
           &gmo,                /* get message options               */
           buflen,              /* buffer length                     */
           char_buffer,         /* message buffer                    */
           &messlen,            /* message length                    */
           &CompCode,           /* completion code                   */
           &Reason);            /* reason code                       */

     if (Reason != MQRC_NONE)
       if (Reason == MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE)
       {     /* special report for normal end    */
             strcpy(tmp_errormsg,"Queue is empty \n");
             *p_outerrcode = 0; /* Return value is set to 0, when Q is empty*/
             p_outmessage[0]=(unsigned char) '\0';
             *p_outmessage_len = 0;
             *p_outmessage_maxlen = 32000;
             CompCode = MQCC_FAILED;
       else  /* general report for other reasons */
             strcpy(tmp_errormsg,"MQGet ended with reason code : ");

             /*   treat truncated message as a failure for this sample   */
             if (Reason == MQRC_TRUNCATED_MSG_FAILED)
                CompCode = MQCC_FAILED;
     if (CompCode != MQCC_FAILED)
            char_buffer[messlen] = '\0';   /* add terminator   */

           for (i=0;i<= messlen;i++)
              p_outmessage[i]=(unsigned char)char_buffer[i];
              if (retval==EOF)
           *p_outmessage_len = messlen;
           *p_outmessage_maxlen = 32000;

            /* Call MQCMIT to delet read msg from queue */
           MQCMIT(Hcon, &SyncCompCode, &SyncReason);
           strcpy(p_outerrmsg,"Read Successful    \n");

           /* The following code used to check the readmsg text in a file
           fp= fopen("/harpoon17/clpdev/mqs/readmsg.txt","a");
           fprintf(fp,"New msg read is follows\n");
           for (i=0;i<= messlen;i++)
              if (retval==EOF)


and i m calling it like

*  Purpose  : Prcedure to call external PRO *C procedure mq_LongRead

    QHandle    in  binary_integer,
    ObjHandle  in  binary_integer,
    outmessage out RAW,
    outerrcode out binary_integer,
    outerrmsg  out varchar2
    ) is
    external name "mq_LongRead"
    library libmqs
    with CONTEXT
               QHandle    long,
               ObjHandle  long,
               outmessage RAW,
               outmessage LENGTH,
               outmessage MAXLEN,
               outerrcode int,
               outerrmsg  string

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