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FRM 41032: cannot set enabled attribute of current item B00.CB_EMAIL x 3 (merged) [message #410867] Tue, 30 June 2009 17:50 Go to next message
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Hi Folks,

I am getting the error as shown below in the screenshot. I just changed the background of the form. It was dark in color, so I changed it to brighter colors and pasted everything inside the rectangular boxes. There was no change in the code.

Please could you let me know, what could be the reason for this error?

I have also attached the screenshot of the error in the attachments below.

Thanks in advance,
PROCEDURE set_user_access IS
  tcnt number;
  rval number;
  -- get username from application
  :b00.user_login := get_application_property(username);
  -- get access level from segment_user
  select access_level
  into :b00.acc_level
  from segment_user
  where user_login = :b00.user_login;
  -- limit oc access
  -- level 1 & 2 users have access to all OCs
  if :b00.acc_level in ('1','2') then
  	:b00.user_oc   := 'ALL';
  elsif :b00.acc_level in ('3','4','5','6') then
    -- all other users only have access to OCs specified in SEGMENT_USER_ATTRIB table
    AND   ATTRIB_ID  = 'OC';
    IF TCNT > 0 THEN
      :b00.user_oc := 'SELECT';
      :B00.USER_OC := 'NONE';
    END IF;
    :B00.USER_OC := 'NONE';
  end if;
  --set the email feature
/* not yet!  8/11/03 */
/* TDK: Enabled 1/9/04 */
  select COUNT(*)
  into :b00.email_addr_cnt
  from segment_user_email
  where user_login = :b00.user_login;
  if :b00.email_addr_cnt > 0 then
    if :b00.email_addr_cnt > 1 then
    	:b00.email_addr := 'choose...';
 	    rval := populate_group('RG_USER_EMAIL_ADDR');
      populate_list('B01.LI_EMAIL_ADDR', 'RG_USER_EMAIL_ADDR');
      :b01.li_email_addr := get_list_element_value('b01.li_email_addr',1);
    	select email
    	into :b00.email_addr
    	from segment_user_email
    	where user_login = :b00.user_login;
    end if;
  	SET_ITEM_PROPERTY('b00.cb_email',TOOLTIP_TEXT,'You do not have access to this feature, Please contact the system administrator to change your privileges.');
  end if;
  -- allow restricted rebate access?
  select count(*)
  into tcnt
  from segment_user_attrib
  where user_login = :b00.user_login
  and   attrib_id  = 'RSTRREB'
  and   nvl(attrib_value,'N') = 'Y';
  -- if have restricted access, show checkbox
  if tcnt > 0 then
    :b00.rstr_access := 'Y';
    :b00.rstr_ok     := 'Y';
  	:b00.rstr_access    := 'N';
  	-- hide checkbox
  	:b00.rstr_ok     := 'N';
  end if;

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Re: FRM 41032: cannot set enabled attribute of current item B00.CB_EMAIL x 3 (merged) [message #410899 is a reply to message #410867] Wed, 01 July 2009 00:29 Go to previous message
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Debug your code - if Forms version you use supports it, even better. Otherwise, put MESSAGE - PAUSE pairs into the procedure in order to follow its execution.

A suspicious line might be
which is about to fail if the current item (before the procedure was executed) was 'b00.cb_email'. Forms complains that you can not "disable" it if the focus is in that very item. Therefore, you should first move out (GO_ITEM) and then set its "enabled" property to FALSE.
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