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1st - I pledge that I have searched the full forum before posting.

However, I always fear that perhaps my keywords may not have been "perfect" so... I will welcome any re-direction to existing threads should someone recognize this as a previous question.

Have a Oracle 9IDb and 9IAS home on the same server.
(Windows Server 2003)

9IAS Intended to serve HTML and JAVAScript from stored procedures in the DB.

After much effort tweaking the App Svr configuration, continued to receive an [HTTP 404 Page Not Found] error.

Became concerned that I had the App Svr configuration too "twisted" from all the previous effort so decided to removed 9IAS and re-install and begin "fresh."

Used [UNIVERSAL INSTALLER] and individually selected ALL sub-directory choices under the 9IAS home and selected [REMOVE].

[UNIVERSAL INSTALLER] indicated that everything had been removed.

Reloaded the 9IAS install media and began.

Selected the original 9IAS home that the [UNIVERSAL INSTALLER] left behind.

Selected Products To Install: ORACLE 9I APPLICATION SERVER

Type Of Installation: A J2EE AND WEB CACHE

After [NEXT] received the following:

All Oracle9IAS installations on a host machine must be installed by the same operating system user.  The initial Oracle9IAS installation located at D:\Ora9IAS was installed by a different operating system user.  Please exit this install , log in as the user who installed the initial Oracle9IAS installation and restart the install.

There are only 3 user accts on this machine.
1. Original ADMINISTRATOR used to build the OS and ORACLE DB home.

2. 2ND ADMINISTRATOR used to synchronize an admin account for this TEST BOX to the LIVE ENVIRONMENT.

3. "BackDoor" admin -- Left idle unless emergency warrants.

I have tried every conceivable combination of reboots and logins for these 3 accounts and the message remains the same.

1. Forum, Google, and MetaLink searches on this message return few results. Does anyone have ANY experience with this message?

2. Can anyone direct me to either the .conf file, registry data, or other configuration point where the USER Oracle is referring to would be listed; and can that be changed?

Im nearly to doing a full removal of ALL Oracle products from the server and starting over; but would really prefer to simply deal with the App Server if possible.

Continued Thanks To All Willing To Share Their Expereince!!!!
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You have my Sincere Condolences!
9iAS was the most bug riddled software product I have had the mispleasure to support.
9iAS was retired & obsoleted long before Windows 2003 was released.

This is an honest & sincere suggestion.
Start completely from fresh by reformatting C: drive.

With free advice, you get what you paid for it.

Good Luck, because you will need to make/get 9iAS operational.
Re: REMOVE / REINSTALL ORACLE 9IAS [message #387271 is a reply to message #387022] Wed, 18 February 2009 11:56 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Well, BLECH!!

Black Swan,
(Thought about referring to you with initials, but B.S. seemed dis-respectful... Smile )

I think we've actually seen a bit more stability than it sounds like your experience had; but then again I may be one of the last persons here supporting 9i legacy "stuff" --- seems like most others have moved onto 10g...

(Maybe I should take that as a hint Confused )

In any case, I did find the procedures for a complete uninstall of 9IAS allowing me to leave the existing 9IDb home intact.

MetaLink Doc #: 229066.1

Followed the above article and was able to re-install without the full format you mentioned.

Not saying that your format may not be necessary in the long run, but it looks like the registry points in the document are accurate and complete.

Hoping this may help someone in the future.

[Updated on: Wed, 18 February 2009 12:01]

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Re: REMOVE / REINSTALL ORACLE 9IAS [message #387276 is a reply to message #387271] Wed, 18 February 2009 13:01 Go to previous message
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Thanks Manning. I was going to try to respond, but it is not my area of expertise, especially Windows.

I am sure it WILL help someone in the future
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