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Parameters 10g [message #318343] Tue, 06 May 2008 09:23
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I am using run_product_object but i do not understand parameters etc and how they are declared in a report. . I have parameters built into my reports but i am getting the following error message when i try to run a report from a form which contains parameters there is a parameter on a report

REP-0788: Warning: The value of restricted LOV parameter GRADE is not among the selectable values.

the code im using is

procedure run_report_object_proc (p_report_id report_object,
p_report_format varchar2,
p_report_file_name varchar2,
p_report_otherparam varchar2,
p_reports_servlet varchar2,
p_reports_paramlist paramlist) is
l_report_message varchar2(100) := null;
l_rep_status varchar2(100) := null;
l_job_id varchar2(4000) := null;
l_hidden_action varchar2(2000) := null;
l_report_other varchar2(4000) := 'null';
l_report_format varchar2(100) := 'null';
l_button_proc number := 0;
l_version varchar2(50);
l_reports_server varchar2(255) := '226012';
l_reports_server_env_name varchar2(255) := 'Live';
l_reports_servlet varchar2(1000) := 'reports/rwservlet'
c varchar2(255);
c_old varchar2(255);
c_new varchar2(255);
-- cursors


set_report_object_property (p_report_id, report_comm_mode, synchronous);
set_report_object_property (p_report_id, report_filename, p_report_file_name);
set_report_object_property (p_report_id, report_server, l_reports_server);
set_report_object_property (p_report_id, report_destype, file);
set_report_object_property (p_report_id, report_desformat, l_report_format);
Add_Parameter(p_reports_paramlist, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'YES');

l_hidden_action := l_hidden_action ||'&report='
l_hidden_action := l_hidden_action ||'&destype='
l_hidden_action := l_hidden_action ||'&desformat='

c_old :='@';
for i in 1..nvl(length(p_report_otherparam),0) loop
c_new:= substr(p_report_otherparam,i,1);
if (c_new =' ') then
c:= c_new;
end if;

if (c_old =' ' and c_new = ' ') then
l_report_other := l_report_other||c;
end if;

c_old := c_new;
end loop;
l_hidden_action := l_hidden_action ||'&'||l_report_other;

l_hidden_action := l_reports_servlet||'?_hidden_server='||l_reports_server||core_encode_parameter(l_hidden_action);

set_report_object_property(p_report_id,report_other,'pfaction='||l_hidden_action||' '||'EXPIRATION=1');
l_report_message:= run_report_object(p_report_id, p_reports_paramlist);
l_rep_status := report_object_status(l_report_message);
if l_rep_status = 'FINISHED' then
l_job_id := substr(l_report_message, length(l_reports_server)+2, length(l_report_message));
WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT (l_reports_servlet||'/getjobid'||l_job_id||'?server='||l_reports_server,'_blank');
message ('Error Running Report');
end if;
end run_report_object_proc;

Where can i insert into the code to allow parmeters

Thanks in advance

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