Warehouse and OLAP

Oracle Data Warehousing, OLAP and Discoverer Books

High Performance Oracle Data Warehousing: All You Need to Master Professional Database Development Using Oracle

Shows how to implement advanced decision systems without buying specialized products. Includes clear, working example code that has been tested and proven in real-world Oracle data warehouse systems, as well as ready-to-run SQL scripts, optimized tables, forms, templates, and tools for setting up large-scale databases. Demonstrates how to troubleshoot, providing solutions to common data warehousing problems. Explains how to improve performance by optimizing distributed data warehouse systems with multitasking, multithreading, and I/O-based tuning.

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Easy Oracle Scalability: Practical Examples of Data Warehouse Success (Oracle In-Focus series)

Targeting those new to Oracle data warehousing who need to get started right away, this book presents real-world problems and issues with managing large volumes of data in an Oracle database. All aspects of Oracle data warehouse management—including Oracle warehouse database administration, OLAP with Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle data mining—are covered in detail. An overview of Oracle business intelligence tools and a downloadable code depot are also included.

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Introduction to Oracle Discoverer 10g: Beginners Edition

Instructional book on how to use Oracle Discoverer 10g. This is a level 1 Introductory course.

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Oracle Data Warehousing Unleashed

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Oracle 10g Data Warehousing

Oracle 10g Data Warehousing is a guide to using the Data Warehouse features in the latest version of Oracle Oracle Database 10g. Written by people on the Oracle development team that designed and implemented the code and by people with industry experience implementing warehouses using Oracle technology, this thoroughly updated and extended edition provides an insiders view of how the Oracle Database 10g software is best used for your application.

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Information-Statistical Data Mining: Warehouse Integration with Examples of Oracle Basics (The International Series in

As computer technology becomes more powerful, it becomes possible to collect data at a level, by size and the level of extent that could not even be imagined just a few years ago. At the same time, it also offers a growing possibility of discovering intelligence from data through statistical techniques cornered as Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). While EDA evolves to play a major role in the field of data mining, treatment for temporal spatial data remains a challenge.

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Oracle Express Olap

This book covers all development aspects of Corporate Data Analysis Systems (CDAS) based on data warehousing technology and OLAP. It covers everything from preparing commercial proposals, structuring the project, and developing the concept of the system to implementing the system. The authors give a comprehensive description of OLAP and data warehousing technology, provide practical ways to create, load, and administer multidi-mensional databases, and include a technique for developing end user OLAP applications.

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Oracle8i Data Warehousing

Plan and build a robust data warehousing and analysis solution. Officially authorized by Oracle Corporation, this resource explains how to create a single integrated source of corporate business information.

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Oracle Data Warehouse Tuning for 10g

This book should satisfy those who want a different perspective than the official Oracle documentation. It will cover all important aspects of a data warehouse while giving the necessary examples to make the reading a lively experience.
- Tim Donar, Author and Systems Architect
for Enterprise Data Warehouses

Tuning a data warehouse database focuses on large
transactions, mostly requiring what is known as throughput. Throughput is the passing of large amounts of information through a server, network

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